Today I’m going to talk to you all about something that has been bugging me immensely leading into this busy season of gaming. The topic of choice just happens to be review scores and the absolutely horrible conduct from some reviewers out there. There’s a lot more to a review.

With the holiday season coming and lots of great games being released, there have been a ton of reviews on those games. The one thing I’ve noticed is the unbelievable attention that a review score gets in comparison to the words the actual reviewer wrote to get to that conclusion. So many people put the actual score on a pedestal while neglecting the fact that there is a wealth of knowledge contained in the actual body of the review and that’s a huge mistake.

I get it, we all have busy lives and looking at a number compared to taking five minutes to actually read an article and see what fun might be there to be had in a game. Who’s to say that a game that receives a 6 won’t be as good as a game that receives an 8 or even a 9?

On our site here, we use a system that rates a game out of 5 and it’s largely been something I don’t care for. I’d much rather utilize a system of pros and cons to a game because that’s where you really see if a game stands above the rest or if it fails to live up to expectations. Fortunately for us, our system caters to people who would like to see both a rating and a pros and cons list by including both. I truly feel that if you can actually see why a game will be worth it for you to play rather than looking at just a number that you’ll actually appreciate the rating and understand why it was rated the way it was.

The big thing here is that many games are receiving scores far lower or far higher than the actual review merits because reviewers are simply looking for hits. My belief is that if you’re a gaming journalist, you must do your best to provide an impartial and unbiased view of what you’re playing no matter how much you love or hate a game. Rating a game too low just to get gamers to view your page is the possibly the laziest method of gaining traffic in the book and ultimately all it does is give your site a bad name which is the opposite of what we’re all in this for.

I personally love games and I love reading the different opinions and viewpoints on every aspect of a game, it’s been a huge part of my life thus far and I really dislike seeing the way some reviewers have handled their duties. Do this because you love to write about games not because you want to get free copies of games you can’t possibly give an unbiased review for.

Write what YOU think about the game, not what the industry wants you to think about a game or doesn’t want you to think about a game. It is YOUR review and no one else’s and not one other person will have the exact same views on the games as you will.

I’ve had enough of all the reviewers who give video game websites a bad name. Somewhere along the lines writers are going to have to realize that every word has the potential to influence someone into buying or not buying a game and it’s important for the industry as a whole that we all get it right or we’ll all be doomed with clones, shovelware and the same old thing year after year.

Review scores mean nothing, the content is what gamers remember.



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