The fallout from Hell in a Cell is the topic for discussion this week in WWE!

Beth Phoenix completed her run in WWE with a quick couple of matches and a Glam Slam to cap a great WWE career. I truly believe that Beth accomplished everything she felt she could achieve within the WWE family and felt it was time to move on and do other things with her life. Beth was a great competitor during her tenure in WWE with many great runs with the Championships in the Divas division. Through her years in the company she brought out the best in her opponents and brought the focus back to the wrestling product once more. Thank you Beth for everything you’ve done for the Divas!

Farewell, Beth!

Ryback’s time to shine isn’t yet upon us after the odd ending at Hell in a Cell and that may just be a good thing. Ryback has established himself as a main event star but, he could still use a few higher profile matches to build him up for the WWE Championship. My prediction is that Ryback will be there by the end of next year if not much sooner than that. He’s been a real crowd-pleasing star and I can’t see them holding him back for very long.

The traditional Survivor Series match is returning at this year’s event in a big way featuring team’s captained by Mick Foley and CM Punk. This is a great way to get out of having Punk defend the title at this month’s pay-per-view and I just love the traditional match each year. It really brings me back to Survivor Series 2001 with WCW/ECW vs. WWF and how enthusiastic the crowd can get for different teams. More than that though, I think WWE needs to have some variation in its matches and really do some different things and this is one of the ways they can do that.

It’s Team Foley vs. Team Punk at Survivor Series.

Pay-per-view themes have to go. At Hell in a Cell there was only one Hell in a Cell match at the ppv so what’s the point in calling it that anymore. Bring back some old favourites like No Mercy, Unforgiven, or Backlash. Having themes decreases interest in pay-per-views because everyone knows when the gimmick matches are coming and there is absolutely zero surprise factor. Bring back the great pay-per-views of yesteryear!

Wouldn’t you like to be surprised by the announcement of a gimmick match rather than anticipate it?

AJ is no longer GM and while I liked her confidence and attitude towards the position, it was time. AJ needs to do what she knows best right now while she’s young and that’s to wrestle. There’s plenty of time to do the less demanding work in the future. With Wrestlemania in AJ’s backyard of New Jersey it will be interesting to see whether or not she gets a high profile match at the big show. Vickie Guerrero really doesn’t seem like a good fit for the GM position, even with the confidence she has, she often fumbles her lines or forgets what she’s saying. The GM needs to be spot on. By the way, kudos to WWE for ripping off aspects of TNA’s Claire Lynch/AJ Styles storyline.

Big Show is now the World Champion and what better time than now for Dolph Ziggler to take away that championship and take his rightful place among the list of champions in the company. I definitely see Show as a transitional champion but, what a good way to throw a swerve to the fans.

Wade Barrett is going places. Enough said.

Future World Champion.

Is Khali still around? Why yes, just months after brain surgery he’s back beating Otunga (I know this isn’t his first match back but, I find that amazing nonetheless).

So how long do we all think Main Event is going to be pumping out quality matches before becoming the second-coming of Superstars? I’ll give it until the end of the year before we see similar things.

WWE ’13 is out now and if you haven’t picked it up, do it! It’s got something for everybody. (Shameless plug but, it’s a great game!) Check out our review whenever I can pry myself away long enough to write it!

Until next week!




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