Let’s take a different take on WWE tonight with a special edition of This Week in WWE taking a look at the state of the WWE. We’ll run through the Divas division, the up and comers, the tag-team division, the World title scene, and what WWE can do to make today’s product a better one.

Oh the Divas..The one problematic spot in WWE that I wish I could overhaul. Let’s take a look at tonight. Eve and Kaitlyn happened to have a one minute match to become the number one contender to the Divas Championship. That’s completely unacceptable and things really need to change, how is anyone supposed to take the wrestling seriously? It just won’t happen. Eve has been wonderful and she really can do it all which is a far cry from my first impression of her when she started wrestling. She’s improved so dramatically and has really become a leader, but for how long? She’s now engaged and you have to think that this Diva has pretty much accomplished everything she can in WWE so, why stay? Many Divas in recent memory have had the same feelings and have left for greener pastures. Look at the departures the past year or two, we’ve lost The Bellas, Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, and Beth Phoenix. Sure some of those ladies weren’t really wrestlers but, they were all characters and they have all gone their separate ways. What do you do when there’s nothing left?

Could Eve be the next Diva to go?

On the other hand with the Divas, there’s AJ who just can’t do any wrong. AJ has all the momentum in the world and is riding it into a probable Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania match with Vickie Guerrero. Here’s an idea, let’s get rid of Vickie because she is simply such a bad actress that it’s painful to listen to and let’s have AJ face someone like Eve for the Divas title. After that, bring up Paige from NXT and there you go, you have some new feuds. Realistically though, WWE needs some fresh faces to replace the ones that have been lost and it will only come with time.

How about Tyson Kidd? What a great athlete! The guy can do pretty much anything you can ask him to do. I would pay anything to see this guy in the main event of a pay-per-view against the WWE Champion for the title. That would be a match for the ages. WWE really doesn’t understand what they have with him and they really need to start realizing how valuable he could be. Everyone love the underdog, look at how successful Jeff Hardy has always been playing that role.

Antonio Cesaro is really making a name for himself and good for him. He’s a very talented old-school wrestler that really understands how the business works. It’s been a great journey so far winning the US title and establishing his dominance as a top competitor in the WWE ranks.

Dolph Ziggler. Can we please just hand this guy the title already? I would honestly love to see him cash in the MITB, lose and then win the title at the next PPV. Ziggler is known to lose gracefully and somebody has to miss their opportunity to cash in at some point (yes, I know Cena lost but, did that really even count?). Dolph has been patiently waiting and I think the time for a new champion is just about upon us. I can see it happening at Survivor Series.

It’s time to show the world.

Let’s talk about tag-teams and the ascension of Team Rhodes Scholars. I really enjoy watching this team do their thing, Cody and Damien are just so good at isolating their opponents and evoking negative emotion from the crowd. I’m looking to them to take the tag-team titles from Bryan and Kane in the near future. Bryan and Kane themselves have really cooled off, I like the comedy but, their run is nearly over and it lasted just about the right amount of time. Titus and Darren have been a very good pairing and have a lot of chemistry as do Sin Cara and Rey. What a perfect combo there, Rey can’t handle a huge workload anymore and Sin Cara needed a mentor. Perfect idea. Gabriel and Kidd are by far my favourite pairing but, they’re a pairing that is on and off at best. The tag division is revitalized and with a few more teams, it could be flourishing in just 6 months times. Add those Motor City Machine Guns!

The World Title scene is a very sore spot right now for WWE. I don’t feel Sheamus is ready to be the top guy and I don’t feel giving the title to Show really did anything for it. Any reign that Big Show has ever had with the title has been mediocre at best and more transitional than anything which is what makes me wonder if he may just be giving up the title to Ziggler somehow. The WWE Title scene is great. Having a guy hold the title for a whole year is exactly what WWE needed to do and Punk was the right man to do it. The Championship is credible again and means a lot more because of it. I’ve enjoyed Punk’s reign and if anybody does take it, I hope it’s The Rock at the Rumble. WWE needs that type of exposure more than ever right now.

Make it matter or unify it with the WWE Championship!

What can take this company back to the top? A combination of things, actually. The Divas need to play a more prominent role and the AJ storylines are a good way of doing that but, they also have to wrestle. When the Divas were on top, they did everything. Look at Trish, when she was huge is when she went from being a prop in top storylines to a top contender in the Women’s Division, same with Mickie James. Build the character first then let that character take her fans on a ride to the title. Simple equation. The second thing that NEEDS to happen is to ditch PG. It’s time for some more edgy programming, we can’t go on with such cookie cutter stuff forever, it can’t last. The last thing would be to not screw up Ryback, they need to make this the real deal because if they screw up this budding star they’ll never forgive themselves.

That’s all for the quick special edition of This Week in WWE. We’ll be back next week with our regular article!


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