It was an eventful night at Survivor Series and an eventful week overall this week in WWE. Among the topics of discussion this week will be when Dolph Ziggler will cash in his Money in the Bank contract, the Ryback assailants at Survivor Series. and CM Punk’s year as WWE Champion.

CM Punk survived tonight’s pay-per-view as WWE Champion to ensure that he will make it a full 365 days as champion and become the 8th longest reigning WWE Champion in WWE history and I for one could not be happier. JBL and John Cena themselves have had lengthy reigns in recent history but, with Punk it’s a little bit different. Punk started his reign as a face and had a ton of great and highly competitive matches and then on Raw 1000 he made his slow heel turn and since then has completely changed his attitude. This is something that I can’t remember seeing in the middle of a title reign and Punk has shown that he can be compelling no matter what type of persona he carries and furthermore has shown everyone that people will pay to see him even if he’s a bad guy. Say what you want about Punk but, he’s proven all the naysayers wrong in the past 12 months and has carried the company during one of its darkest periods that I can ever remember. If WWE wasn’t the only major wrestling show on TV right now, they would be getting destroyed in the ratings and yet Punk still gives the viewers that they have left a reason to tune in. It will be interesting what they do with Punk when his reign finally comes to an end, likely at the Rumble against The Rock. I would love to see him have a good long feud with Dolph Ziggler.

365 days as WWE Champion!

Speaking of Dolph, he captained his team to victory tonight at Survivor Series and was the sole survivor at the end of it. I’ve been saying this for awhile but, I really feel like Dolph’s time is imminent. How can you continue feeding a guy every mid-card Superstar you can when he’s been there for nearly 4 years? You can’t keep him at the same level forever or you’ll have to worry about him a) leaving or b) going ¬†through the problems they had with Carlito where he just didn’t have any motivation. Basically, I believe that WWE needs more main-event heels and why not bring someone who can actually have a spectacular match to that level? It only makes sense and the fact that he has the Money in the Bank contract makes it easier. Having him cash it in at TLC on Big Show would be a perfect opportunity to solidify him as a top guy in the company. Make it happen, WWE!

Ryback has been well-protected in all of his losses but, you have to wonder where they’re going to go with him after all of these scre-overs. At Hell in a Cell, it was a referee that screwed him over. At Survivor Series, it was three guys from NXT that screwed him over. The thing that I fear is that they’ll start putting Ryback in all these perilous situations like WCW did with Goldberg that will make him look stupid and if they do that, it could ruin the whole character. If you really want to give Ryback a good opponent, give him Brock Lesnar. There’s a big money match and a match people would love to see. Brock can take the loss and Ryback looks like Superman. It’s either that or put the title on him and it’s way too soon to do that. His progression has been way too quick if they’re not willing to put the title and they’ve put him into a tough situation. It’s something that will have to be figured out in the months to come.

Another bad night on PPV for Ryback..

The Superstars from NXT that debuted tonight at Survivor Series were Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns and judging from what I’ve seen from all three of them, they were the best choices for call-ups. Rollins has done great work with the NXT Championship and looks like he has nothing left to prove in the developmental system. Ambrose looked poised for a call-up earlier this year starting a war of words with Mick Foley but, that was scrapped. Roman Reigns is an interesting character and a very intense individual. The group as a whole could be a great new faction if they’re given the right role, I’m really excited to see what they do on Raw.

PLEASE, don’t let these guys start jobbing to Ryback!

John Cena is in a very similar position to Ryback in the way that he almost has to be in the main-events. I’m not a Cena fan by any means although I will say he’s given us some great matches over the years, especially with Edge. The problem with Cena is, he just has to be in that title picture otherwise it just doesn’t do him any favours. It’s the same problem that WWE had with Stone Cold and The Rock but, they had the different main-eventers from that era to help them through it. Now, Cena has feuded with nearly everybody and there’s really nothing left for him to do that he hasn’t done already. I think a switch to Smackdown would be beneficial to John in the long run and I really wish they would take that under consideration. The blue brand could use the ratings ¬†boost as well.

Aksana was revealed as the blonde that attacked Kaitlyn at Night of Champions as she attempted to do the same tonight. What a letdown that was! Aksana has never appealed to me whatsoever, she doesn’t connect with the audience well and doesn’t seem to be too skilled in the ring so, what’s the point of having her around. There’s no money in an Aksana vs. Kaitlyn feud and I really don’t get the connection with Eve here. The whole storyline feels like it was thrown together and I really don’t think it makes much sense.

In another weird turn of events involving the Divas, Tamina attacked AJ Lee tonight at Survivor Series after a verbal exchange with Vickie Guerrero. Tamina is finally getting something to do which is nice considering she’s been with WWE for quite a while now. Tamina deserves a chance to go after the Divas title and having a feud with a girl like AJ Lee will go a long way to do that. Tamina needs some exposure to remind fans why they should be excited when this Divas enters the ring. As for the implications for AJ, it gives the underdog yet another challenge to overcome and AJ plays that role perfectly so, we’ll see where it goes.

This just got somewhat interesting with the addition of Tamina.

That’s it for this week in WWE, we’ll be back next week to see what transpires!


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