The NXT invaders, AJ and Cena, Show vs. Sheamus, and the Vickie/Dolph dynamic are what is being discussed this week in WWE!

I don’t know what to think about this so-called NXT invasion. I mean, we’ve been through it before and it worked well the first time but, that was only two years ago. This kind of stuff is still fresh in a fan’s mind and that makes things very dull and boring.  There’s no question that these three are ready for the big show and probably have been for over 6 months yet, what are they going to settle into after this storyline. If it’s anything like David Otunga, Heath Slate, or Micheal McGillicuty, then it’s utterly pointless. Seth Rollins has a ton of potential and needs a good introduction and I really don’t see him as someone that needs to hide behind a group, same goes for Ambrose. Reigns is a little bit greener and may benefit from that group mentality. The fact of the matter is, I just hope they don’t destroy the momentum of these rising stars before they get off the ground.

Spontaneous actions are what keep viewers interested.

AJ is easily one of the most well-liked Divas on the roster and yet, she’s constantly put into these situations where she’s kissing everyone. I honestly feel like WWE is trying to get some cheap cheers by making her seem promiscuous. Let the girl wrestler, it’s what she wants to do and what she knows. Why does Cena need another woman to lust over, it doesn’t add anything to his character, if anything it actually takes away. Cena needs to add some dimension to his character very badly and going with the compassionate route is a bad move. Make him a heel! He will benefit from being the bad guy for 6 months to a year and maybe the fans will give one of the hardest workers on the roster a break. The guy deserves the right to change it up every now and then.

End this now.

Dolph needs to push Vickie to the curb, it’ time for the two to split. With Vickie basically being the GM of Raw, she doesn’t really need to be a manager anymore and there is no more that she can do for Dolph. He has become aa lot better on the mic than he once was and he can talk for himself now. Sure Vickie can get heat but, it’s really not the type of heat that Ziggler should  be looking for. Vickie gets genuine hatred while Dolph wants fans to boo him but, still respect him. Regardless, Dolph will reach the top of the mountain but, I think breaking away from Vickie now would be the best way to go. Let the man take the ball and run with it without having someone tied to him that can no longer help him.

Vickie has truly plateaued, I feel like I’m hearing the same promo every week.

Is it just me or was Sheamus more dynamic as a heel? It seems like WWE has an influx of these ‘Johnny Be Good’ faces that really are one-dimensional. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sheamus but, there really comes a point when all these little skits and bland promos just don’t do it anymore. There needs to be more of an edge with the face characters and it starts with Sheamus. I’d like to see him define his character better. What is Sheamus really known for? The Brogue Kick? That’s about it and we really don’t expect much else out of the Celtic Warrior and that needs to change.

“You know I’m capable of more!”

Big Show just never seems to go away and I for one hope he never does. I don’t like him as the Champion because I prefer athletic and back and forth matches but, Show can sure carry people through a match and make some wrestlers look better than they ever have. Show is a team player and definitely is nearing the end of his long and  decorated career. The giant has paved the way for big men to break through and become champions in the business like Andre The Giant paved the way for big men to enter the business. It has been a great bunch of years in WWE for the Big Show.

That’s it for this week’s brief edition, check us out next week for more thoughts and analysis!


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