After all the rumours and speculation in the past year, Gabe Newell says that Valve will be releasing PCs built to use on your TV!  More information after the break.

Gabe Newell has finally let the cat out of the bag. The first step was the ‘Big Picture UI’, the next is coming next year with the introduction of PC packages that will run on TVs with those being able to run Steam right away.

“I think in general that most customers and most developers are gonna find that [the PC is] a better environment for them,” Newell noted to Kotaku“Cause they won’t have to split the world into thinking about ‘why are my friends in the living room, why are my video sources in the living room different from everyone else?’ So in a sense we hopefully are gonna unify those environments. We’ll do it but we also think other people will as well.”

These packages won’t be for the PC enthusiast, they won’t be as open-ended as a traditional PC.

“Well certainly our hardware will be a very controlled environment. If you want more flexibility, you can always buy a more general purpose PC. For people who want a more turnkey solution, that’s what some people are really gonna want for their living room. The nice thing about a PC is a lot of different people can try out different solutions, and customers can find the ones that work best for them.”

There are still a lot of questions left unanswered but, one thing is for sure, Valve has some big things up their sleeves.


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