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Hitman: Absolution – Deus Ex DLC Trailer

Hitman: Absolution
Hitman: Absolution

Ever wanted to become Adam Jensen in Hitman: Absolution? Now you can with the new Deux Ex DLC, including the Zenith Gun! Take a look at the new trailer here!





Hitman Absolution [US] Deus Ex DLC Trailer

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The ‘Deus Ex Suit’ and ‘Deus Ex Zenith Gun’ add-ons are available at a cost of 80 Microsoft Points each via Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and $1.00 each on PlayStation®Network and Windows PC platforms. Players must own HITMAN ABSOLUTION in order to download and use the ‘Deus Ex Suit’ and ‘Deus Ex Zenith Gun’ add-ons.

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