In the words of the developers of the Humble Indie Bundle 7, “Pay what you want. Support charity. Get cross-platform, DRM-free games.”

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 (Which is technically their 19th bundle if you include the various others) is now available for purchase until January 2nd at 6CST/7EST



Here is what The Humble Indie Bundle 7 includes: The Binding of Isaac (and its DLC, Wrath of the Lamb), ClosureShank 2Snapshot, and Indie Game: The Movie! And if you pay over the average, you’ll also get Dungeon Defenders (and its DLC) and Legend of Grimrock! On top of that, you also get a few fantastic soundtracks! (Note: If you bought all of these games individually, it would be $140)

On top of getting all of those games for as much as you want, you also get them DRM free with Steam Codes as well, meaning you can import the games into your Steam Library!

For anyone who has ever bought a Humble Bundle, you know how awesome they are. For anyone who hasn’t, this is your chance to experience some fantastic games at an incredible price.


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