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Mega Man and Street Fighter 25th Anniversaries Being Celebrated With Fan-Made Games


I have recently become a fan of the Mega Man series, I know, late to the party or what? And I have always been an avid fan of Street Fighter. So when I found out that the two series are celebrating their 25th anniversaries at the same time, I was pretty excited about that. Then I found out that Capcom had officially backed a fan made cross-over of the two, well my brain went into “Super Happy Over Drive.”

Then when I was browsing through a couple of gaming related sites yesterday I found out that there was another fan made game, this time not backed by Capcom. It is so good to see fans of a series that hasn’t received much love from its publisher take the initiative and produce their own content.

These games keep the spirit of the originals, even down to the 8 bit graphics. Which to me, is so great, fans often say that they have great ideas but very rarely put those ideas into practice, the world needs more people like the super-fans who have created Mega Man X Street Fighter and Mega Man 25th Anniversary, if you are a fan of Mega Man then I think you will already know about both of these games, and if you aren’t then give these games a go and if you like them, get your hands on the series. My personal favourites are Mega Man X and Mega Man 7.

What are yours?

Mega Man 25th Anniversary can be found here
Mega Man X Street Fighter can be found here

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