This week in WWE we have discussions on the newest faction making waves in WWE, The Shield. We also have discussions on Titus O’Neil and protecting young stars, Alberto Del Rio, romantic angles in wrestling, Zack Ryder, and much more!

Titus O’Neil is someone that not a lot of people have taken notice of lately but, they should. Titus is a huge guy with a lot of power in his arsenal, but more than that, he actually has charisma. There aren’t many huge men in wrestling that have the type of charisma that Titus has and while he still has some jitters when he gets on the microphone, you can see him starting to come into his own. Titus still needs some work on both ends of the spectrum but, if he’s given more time on commentary and maybe some hosting work on some of WWE’s shows like Trish Stratus did when she was injured on WWE Excess. The thing I wasn’t pleased about this week was that Titus was destroyed in about 3 minutes by Ryback. This is something that WWE needs to stay away from with its young talent. Titus was a rising star and now that he’s been just another victim to Ryback, his stock has significantly declined. WWE needs to protect it’s future stars more than it has been doing as fans will only see someone for what they are. Jack Swagger started losing all kinds of matches and he had to be taken off TV because he was nothing to the fans anymore even after becoming World Heavyweight Champion. The fans will only believe in someone as much as the company does and if the company starts to throw a Superstar to the wolves than the fans will lose a lot of faith in that Superstar as well.

Titus became just another victim to Ryback Monday night on Raw.

Alberto Del Rio has had some kind of a mean streak since returning to the ring and yet he’s been stuck in some rather boring feuds with people who simply can’t wrestle his style of wrestling. Del Rio is more of a technical wrestler with a lot of ¬†holds and submissions in his weaponry. Del Rio has always been an outstanding person on the microphone and can keep my attention well most nights however, he needs to get into a feud with someone like CM Punk, or a long feud with Daniel Bryan that can deliver some great matches that can actually get the audience out of their seats.

Sticking with Del Rio, I have to talk about these romantic angles on WWE programming in the last few weeks. The popular opinion among people is that these angles are being done to cater to the 18-34 female demographic that WWE is trying to pull in but, there are several problems with this. The first problem is that Rosa Mendes is not a good actress and neither is John Cena. When you’re looking to attract fans to an angle, it has to be well-portrayed by the people that are involved or it might as well not be done. The angles themselves also seem fairly b-grade and aren’t very interesting. AJ and John Cena is something that doesn’t really matter to anyone now because they’ve already kissed on TV so all this stuff on whether they are or aren’t a couple doesn’t make a difference. It just seems like filler programming. Then you have Alberto Del Rio and Rosa Mendes which has just begun but, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Why not have Rosa replace Ricardo? She speaks Spanish and could benefit from being his manager as he could from her being his manager. The bottom line is that if you’re going to do a romantic angle, make it actually mean something like the McMahon-Helmsley Era of years gone by. Now THAT was an angle and something that was very well-drawn out and well-thought out.

Could this be the beginning of a new power couple in WWE? Photo Credit: albertodelriofanart on Tumblr

The Shield had their first promo and finally got their name Monday night on Raw and I was extremely impressed by how confident Dean Ambrose was in telling everyone just what The Shield was all about and what they stood for. Seth Rollins seemed a bit more timid but, still displayed some good confidence and had a lot to say while Roman Reigns stayed away from the microphone and acted as an enforcer which is exactly the role you would want him in. The way I see it, Ambrose and Rollins will probably share the mic work while Reigns will be a bodyguard for them and any trouble they get into. It’s a standard group framework and I like the way it’s working so far. I also like the fact that they are, in essence, mercenaries who try to right the wrongs they feel are being committed. It’s a different type of group goal than we typically see in WWE and I hope it works nicely.

The Shield is here to bring order to WWE.

Zack Ryder has been on such a decline that I’m likening him to Jack Swagger who I mentioned earlier. It’s such a sad story for Ryder who hasn’t been on the winning side of many matches lately and has been stuck in a tag-team with Santino Marella too. This is a big problem with WWE under-utilizing some of their better talent. People like JTG, Santino, Ryder, Swagger, Slater, and McIntyre are stuck in boring, dull, or perilous situations while people like The Great Khali have been World Heavyweight Champion. The WWE needs to find a way to better utilize these younger stars and put them into better storyline and reward them for their years of hard work if they deserve it. People like Ryder should not be wallowing in the undercard still at this point in time.

That’s it for This Week in WWE, come back next week for all your WWE analysis!


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