Eve says goodbye, The Rock looks to once again become WWE Champion, and the Royal Rumble is upon us. All that and tons more this week in WWE!

The Royal Rumble is upon us tonight and it’s shaping up to be a decent event with Championships on the line and the Rumble match itself looking to be a virtual toss up between a number of Superstars. My prediction on the night would be either Ryback or Dolph Ziggler considering Ziggler’s penchant for stealing the show although Ryback could easily walk away with it and dominate the entire match. The Shield will also be interesting to watch in the Royal Rumble considering the gang mentality the group have displayed thus far. There are sure to be some surprise entrants in this year’s Rumble as well which will provide for some great TV. The Rumble has always been one of my favourites and I personally believe that it is probably the only other PPV in the year that I would consider ordering besides Wrestlemania.

eve torres
Eve is hanging up the boots.

Eve Torres said goodbye to the WWE Universe a couple weeks ago as she lost the Divas Championship to Kaitlyn. I suspected Eve was getting ready to make her departure in one of my earlier articles and sure enough, it came all of a sudden as the news broke quickly that week’s Raw. Eve was never one of my favourites as far as in-ring work goes but, in the past couple year’s she had certainly gained my respect becoming one of the better workers in the Divas locker room. The loss of Eve leaves a huge glaring hole in the Diva roster along with other high profile departures in the last few year’s of Melina, Victoria, Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix. The simple fact is that if there are no new women to work with and nothing more to strive for, there isn’t much incentive to staying with WWE past 3-5 years unless you’re looking for a paycheck.

What will The Shield accomplish at the Royal Rumble?

The Shield has been on a tear in WWE and that’s been a good thing as far as surprise factor goes for attacks and such. I like The Shield’s gang mentality because they look so strong when they’re taking out the big stars. The one thing I don’t like about The Shield is that it’s generally the same thing no matter who they attack, same spots and everything. I feel like they need to actually start doing different things and becoming a force. The camcorder interviews backstage are a good start to that and are reminiscent of the nWo. I’m not saying these guys are the next nWo, I’m just saying they have to do something to capture the attention of fans more than what they have already. I would personally prefer a five man group just because of the dominant force they could be, definitely no more than that.

Next WWE Champion?

The Rock is in the main event of a Royal Rumble PPV for the first time in many, many years and this one is shaping up to be a personal battle between The Great One and CM Punk. I really wish that this feud wasn’t thrown together so quickly because these two really do seem to put a lot of passion into everything they’re doing right now. I’m really looking forward to how this match goes and whether it will be everything everyone hopes it will be. I’m not 100% sold on The Rock winning the title here, I think he could just go through the Elimination Chamber in February and win it there but, we’ll see what happens. Usually when everyone thinks WWE is doing something, they throw a curve ball in the other direction.

cm punk ss
Over 400 well-earned days as WWE Champion.

CM Punk has been a great Champion for over a year now and I can honestly say that I haven’t enjoyed a Championship run this much since the Edge vs. John Cena feud of 2006. Punk has done wondered for the premiere title in all of wrestling and he deserves all the praise in the world for the many high profile matches he’s had and feuds that he’s encountered along the way. If he loses the title tonight, it will be a shame but, 2012 truly was the year of CM Punk and I don’t think we’ll see a run like that for a long time to come.

Beat the clock challenges are becoming one of the most boring things that come up every few months. I really hate the fact that the matches actually go into commercials. Obviously, the match isn’t going to end during a commercial so, you know for at least 30-60 seconds the match definitely won’t end. The other thing is that, they happen so frequently that they don’t really hold that much special meaning. I would much prefer seeing a King of the Ring tournament once a year than a Beat The Clock Challenge every few months. Everything is over-exposed enough in wrestling, there’s no reason to have this take up the bulk of a show where no one really cares about it anyways.

The Road to Wrestlemania is easily the best time to be a wrestling fan and it has already started with tonight’s Royal Rumble. The thing I really can’t understand about that is, why is this the only time of the year where it seems to matter to be a WWE fan? The Rock will be gone after Wrestlemania, all these surprise entrants in the Rumble likely won’t be sticking around either. What’s the incentive to being a fan from May to December? Sure, SummerSlam has some decent matches but, other than that there aren’t many big money feuds going on and most of it is just a waiting game until we get to January. WWE needs to do a better job of being a product people want to watch all year around. There should be more personal and emotional feuds than we’ve seen a a better general direction otherwise come mid-April, the post-Wrestlemania lull will be back once again.

At the end of the night, we’ll know a general direction for Wrestlemania and the sprint will be on. We’ll be back next week for more reactions and analysis on all things WWE!



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