A new picture surfaced online today of what just might be the new PlayStation 4 controller and what better to do with a random new picture than to analyze it!

While this picture looks very close to what the DualShock 3 looks like, there are some notable differences that gamers may or may not enjoy.

The first such thing that I noticed was the analog sticks which were in line for a bit of an improvement. These new analog sticks seem to have better grooves for fingers that will allow for better grip. One of my big complaints about the DS3 even though I love it is the fact that your fingers do tend to slide off the button from time to time depending on what you’re doing in game.

The second thing I noticed was that the shoulder buttons and the d-pad look more defined. The shoulder buttons in specific look like they have a different shape which may or may not be better. I’m hoping that these buttons are a bit stiffer with this controller. The d-pad buttons look very close together which seem like a logical conclusion considering most d-pads don’t have a space in the middle like the DS3 had.

There looks to be a speaker in the middle of the controller which could be a nice addition for smaller sounds like footsteps or something. This could also be a microphone which would be a more logical idea considering the big reason Xbox became such an online gaming juggernaut was including a headset with new consoles from the outset.

The big addition and subtraction is the addition of a what looks to be a touchpad while getting rid of the start and select buttons. The touchpad will undoubtedly add Vita functionality while I really wonder what gamers will do without a start button although Sony probably already has this implemented in some way on this controller, maybe in the touchpad itself.

This photo is very interesting and I can’t wait to see if this is indeed the PS4 controller or just a prototype. Hopefully we find out Wednesday.


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