This week we’ll look at Bruno Sammartino going into the WWE Hall of Fame, the curious case of what to do with John Cena, whether Ryback can keep his momentum going , and so much more!

WWE is gearing up to with Wrestlemania season fully upon us. This is the best time of the year to be a wrestling fan with multiple part-time returns and generally better storylines leading to the biggest show of the year. There are a few things that I’ve noticed in the past week that I’d like to take a look at in depth though.

He’s finally going into the WWE Hall of Fame!

The WWE Hall of Fame has inducted many names over the past few years with names like Jim Ross, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin , Ron Simmons, and many more getting their rightfully deserved rings. The problem with that however is that there was one name missing that should have been in there long before the others. That name is Bruno Sammartino and he will finally grace the WWE Hall of Fame with the rest of the class of 2013. I never got to see Bruno live or anything like that but, I have studied the great history that he’s had in the industry and there truly is no one more deserving than the man who held the WWE Championship for nearly 8 years straight. There isn’t a man alive that any promoter would trust to hold any championship for 8 years straight in present times and no wrestler could stay healthy long enough to do it. There’s no bigger accomplishment than that and for that single reason, Bruno should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Take that accomplishment away and Bruno still is more than deserving of the Hall of Fame. Bruno headlined Madison Square Garden over 100 times in his career and was one of the most popular, if not, THE most popular grapplers of his generation. Congratulations, Bruno! It’s been a long time coming.

cm punk ss
He may not have the WWE Championship anymore but, Punk has still been a compelling heel.

CM Punk deserves some praise for the way he can continue a storyline without the other man being in the building. There’s something to be said for how compelling Punk can be simply talking on the microphone. Not many people can hold an audience’s attention like Punk can with some of his promos lasting 15-20 minutes. Not only can Punk hold attention well but, he makes some fairly good points that make you question just whether he is a heel or whether he really should be the face. Punk is never going to be the heel that performs terrible acts like Triple H was known for so, he’s getting heat by telling everyone how often he’s being screwed over and actually making some valid points in doing so. I’ve enjoyed Punk’s heel run and I would really like to see him go up against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year if The Deadman is up for it. I think these two could tell a very compelling story in the ring and I think that match could be a show-stealer.

john cena
John Cena has a lot to be happy about with his career in WWE.

What do you do with the guy who’s done everything? You give him the WWE Championship again. John Cena is in a very enviable or unenviable position depending on the way you look at it. Cena has done it all in WWE. He’s headlined Wrestlemanias, won every championship under the sun besides the Intercontinental Championship, has 12 World Championships to his name, has won the Royal Rumble, won Money in the Bank, faced every Superstar you can really think of, and beat most of them. So, what’s next? It looks as though Cena is once again poised to win the WWE Championship but, for what? Are we going to have Cena beat Flair’s record for World titles? It seems kind of ridiculous that Cena is in the position after 10 years while Flair wrestled over 30 years. It just speaks volumes on how much WWE leans on their premiere star and maybe why people aren’t watching as much anymore. This product is too predictable and in a time where people want new every single week, it’s hard to justify making Cena a champion over and over again and running the same tired routine of somehow rolling through all of the big stars and monster heels. It’s been done and the first time it was done around 2007, it worked. Now, it’s old and been seen before. You can talk about merchandise and everything else but, at some point the overall product matters a little bit more. The only way to revitalize a character that’s been the same since 2005 is to turn him heel and I see no better time than at Wrestlemania 29. Time’s up for face Cena.

Who’s next? No, seriously, who’s next?

Ryback is another man in a very odd position. He’s someone who has skyrocketed up the ladder in WWE at a very bad time. If this was July, I would say WWE might have Ryback challenging for the WWE Championship but, because it’s Wrestlemania season, they’re not going to have an unseasoned rookie headline the main event. I feel for the booking team in WWE right now because there are so many stars that are on the cusp of something great with Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Wade Barret, Dolph Ziggler, Titus O’Neil, and Ryback all hungry for a shot. Out of all of those stars, it’s hard to pinpoint which one will be the best to go with in the long term. Ryback has a little program with The Shield to keep busy right now but, then what? The problem with having the monster face is, which Superstar does he have to work with that is a truly viable option? Ryback will be an interesting person to keep your eye on in the coming months.

That’s it for ‘This Week in WWE’, come back next week for more random musings from the WWE Universe!


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