[Contest is now closed, thanks for participating] Have you been on the fence about PlayStation Plus? Are you short on cash but, really want a subscription? If so, we have a limited number of free 1-year PlayStation Plus subscriptions up for grabs. More inside.

If you’ve been looking to get a PlayStation Plus subscription, now’s your chance. Find Your Inner Geek is giving away a small number of PlayStation Plus 1-year subscription codes to some lucky people. All you have to do is comment on this article telling me two things:

1) What do you want to see on this site?

2) Why do you deserve this above all the other PlayStation fans out there?

We’ll choose the most deserving people based on the quality of responses, winners will be notified by e-mail so please leave your e-mail address so we can contact you.

These codes expire March 31st, 2013 and this offer is now over. Thanks for participating.

*Codes provided courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Canada*


  1. cant believe theres only one comment. anyways,

    1) i think a cool idea for a section would be “What We’d be Playing 20 Years Ago” (even named it for ya!). Maybe once a week have a look at the games that came out that week 20 years ago, and maybe do a little panel for each worth-mentioning game.

    2) probably too late for the PS+ code. but mine expires this spring and it would definitely save me a hassle. Really interested where they are going to take PS+ with the PS4, if they even keep it.

  2. 1) i would like to see a section dedicated to game that came out a couple of years ago yet are still worth playing through
    2)i’m short on cash and am really wanting to play the free games such as infamous 2, and i have always wanted ps plus to experience first hand all of its services, so please give me this code 😀
    email: [email protected]


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