Now, one thing you should probably know about me is that I am an Xbox girl. I love my Xbox so much I would save it from a fire. But I am not completely biased, I do own other games consoles including a PS3. I like the PS3, the graphics engine is amazing and they have some incredible ‘exclusive titles’ …The Uncharted series, Heavy Rain and Ni No Kuni spring to mind.

2013 is a big year for gamers worldwide. Whether you’re an Xbox freak or PS demon, you have to be excited about the launch of the next generation of consoles. Like a lot of people I received an email from PlayStation announcing a ‘PlayStation Meeting 2013’. We knew what this meant…PlayStation 4. And the world went mad. What will new features will it bring? What games will it launch with? What’s happening to the dual shock controller? What will it look like? What is it’s official name? Oh, speculation overload!

So, February 20th 11pm GMT and I make the choice to sacrifice my precious Xbox game time in order to watch the PSM2013. Did I make the right choice? No. No I didn’t  But like a car crash I couldn’t turn it off…just in case it got better. I expected suits and the specifications to be pored over and I expected Game Studios and developers to be announcing the launch titles and new projects…but I also expected more. Wait, no I didn’t  I knew that we were all getting our hopes up for an amazing announcement but I also knew we were destined to be left disappointed and dissatisfied. But I’m a geek and a gamer…so I watched.

They threw every fact and figure they could muster at us. We learned that it’s built more like a PC than a console and that the bigger CPU (add techno jargon here) allows it to produce more than 1 million movable objects, which is an amazing feat and looked awesome in the demo. The PS4 will have the ability to freeze a game session and have it be picked up later…awesome for those gamers with partners who butt in or babies that cry at night! We will be able to ask Friends to assist in a level if we become stuck…by having them take control of our Controller. You think that’s creepy? Friends can also watch over your ‘Virtual shoulder’ while you play!


The fact they must have listened to the many, many complaints about their download times is good though. They reckon that the PS4 will be able to DL and launch games simultaneously thanks to a secondary chip. It will also be able to DL whilst powered off. Great feature.

They also brought out the controller that we had already seen thanks to leaked pictures; The DualShock4. It’s main new features are the ‘Share’ button which allows the sharing of recent gameplay. It has a small touch pad and a headphone jack is now included, a’la Xbox controller.


And then began the rolling out of Games developers… I know that this is a big part of a console launch but really?! Diablo 3 is out on PC already; Killzone: Shadow Fall is another Killzone game; iNFamous Second Son is the next installment of a current series; Destiny will be on PS3 as well as PS4… Granted Watch_dogs looks interesting, Beyond looks pretty but where is the NEW game? The big Next-Gen of gaming game?! Nothing?! So we have the Next-Gen PlayStation…that doesn’t have Next-Gen gaming? It updates the gaming experience and it will have amazingly good graphics but that can only go so far. What is new gaming wise? Nothing? Have we reached the limit on new gaming experiences with the interactivity of the Kinect / Light bar? I don’t know…

So that was it? Facts and specifications. A controller we already saw and some Games developers. No pricing structure? No shock and awe? NO CONSOLE?!


For me the whole set-up seemed rushed and thrown together ‘last minute’ sty-lee. It felt as if it was set up simply to beat Microsoft in the announcement race. And I think it ended more as a blessing for Microsoft rather that a loss in the ongoing PS vs. Xbox war. Microsoft have seen the competition and their ‘Meeting’ and now know what they have to live up to.

A mash up of classic PlayStation music, games footage from PC versions of games (being announced), guys in bad shirts and an E3 teaser from the Final Fantasy guy didn’t really inspire me. I probably sound really negative. I was impressed with some of the features…the whole avatar/social aspect of the PS4 sounds interesting, the graphics are definitely going to be amazing and there are a couple of interesting titles coming with its launch. But overall it left me feeling a bit…sad and sorry for Sony. I will not be pre-ordering a console I haven’t seen and have no idea of the final pricing structure. #EpicFail comes to mind here.


Roll on ‘Xbox Event’…I hope you give us what we want…a glimpse at the Next-Gen of consoles…You know, an ACTUAL glimpse of the hardware.



  1. It’s fair enough that you disagree with my opinion. I don’t expect everyone to agree because everybody has their individual tastes…I love Iron Man my baby girl loves Batman, Que Sera, Sera. I said in the piece that I’m an Xbox girl and I probably always will be. I have a family and for me Kinect is a major plus, my little girl loves interacting with the Sesame Street crew and telling LOVEFiLM to play the next episode of Bertha! And for me the controller is so much more comfortable to use…that could be because I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on it… I’ve had an Xbox for donkeys years now and I’m lucky enough that I’ve never had any ‘Red ring’ issues (fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx that!), I also had my Xbox years before I got a PlayStation but I’m glad I’m fortunate enough to own both consoles. PlayStation offers the more mature titles and they have amazing exclusives (some of which I mentioned) but I was disappointed with the Meeting, and I know I’m not the only one. I also know that others loved the intel we gained and that’s good. We all love different things about gaming that’s what makes our culture so awesome. I’m lucky enough to know that I will own both the new Xbox and the new PlayStation but I won’t pre-order on something I’ve not seen or have a final price structure for…not even the Nextbox!

  2. I definitely have to disagree with you on this one. I own the 360 and the PS3 as well, and I tuned in and got more than I expected, quite frankly. They gave us the specs, which to me is far more important than showing what the box that holds the tech will look like. They showed us the controller and it certainly looks like an improvement. And they showed some games, which on the whole looked impressive. I didn’t tune in expecting this event to be all encompassing, like E3. Sony did enough to pique interest and everybody will be looking forward to new titles and returning favorites (a few of which you mentioned) that will be coming for the PS4 in late 2013 and 2014. They did enough. And while I bought my 360 first this generation, I did so primarily because I had to have games like Mass Effect and Gears of War. That was after having been a ps2 only gamer the previous gen, and a sony and nintendo guy before that. I don’t feel the same way this time around. In fact, I will be buying a PS4 first next gen, and it may be my only console purchase. Sony has given me great exclusives late in the console cycle, with many more (The Last of Us, Beyond:Two Souls in particular) still to come. Microsoft has given me nothing but unwanted and useless advertisements on live, no free great titles on live (unlike what ps plus offers), kinect garbage games and dance titles I have no interest in, social functions on my console that I can access a thousand other places instead of games I want to play, a focus on the casual market, and to top that all off unreliable tech (multiple red ring failures for me personally). Microsoft hasn’t shown me that they are ready to compete with what Sony has lined up for the PS4. Maybe that will change, but given the rumors about the nextbox I doubt it. When I think of the exceptional games of this gen, I’ve played most of them on the PS3 and they have been first party exclusives like Uncharted, Metal Gear, Infamous, God of War, etc. etc. The obvious exception is my favorite game this gen, Mass Effect, and the first Gears of War. But Sony has had the better of Microsoft in the first party department, and with all those games set to get a ps4 reboot, how will that change? There is no way I’m going to miss Infamous 3, Uncharted 4, or MGS:Ground Zeroes. And with Bungies Destiny available on the PS4, what exactly is Microsoft offering that I can’t miss? Halo and Gears? If Gears even remains an exclusive. Microsoft hasn’t given me any confidence recently to suggest they are focusing on producing great games. Instead, their focus has been on providing an entertainment hub for the living room and beyond. It’s a sad reality that I turn on my 360 less and less for gaming purposes and instead use it for netflix or to watch an out of network game on the espn app.


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