Turn 10 and Playground Games have announced a brand new expansion for Forza Horizon for the awesome price of…FREE!

Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games have announced that the 1000 Club Expansion Pack for “Forza Horizon” will be available as a free download from Xbox LIVE on Tuesday, April 16*. Featuring more than 1000 new challenges, 10 new Xbox LIVE achievements worth 250 Gamerscore points to earn, as well as two brand new bonus cars, the 1000 Club Expansion Pack brings an epic new competition that spans the entire open world of “Forza Horizon.”

The Forza Horizon Festival’s “1000 Club” competition is open to everyone and features new challenges for every single car at the Horizon Festival – totaling more than 1000 car challenges in all. Some challenges focus on speed, such as racing through a speed camera as fast as you can – maybe even in reverse –  while others focus on driving skills or specific stunts such as burnouts, drifting, catching air, smashing objects, or weaving through traffic at high speeds. There are also new location-based challenges that span the entire open world of Colorado, such as road trips against the clock, racking up skill points while exploring the golf course, steel mill, or mining town, or drifting your way around Red Rock’s winding roads.

“Variety is the key to the “Forza Horizon” 1000 Club Expansion Pack,” said Playground Games’ Ralph Fulton, creative director for “Forza Horizon.” “All of the challenges have been custom designed to fit the unique personality and strengths of each car in the game. The game even recognizes which cars you have in your garage and will recommend challenges for you to try.”

Most car challenges can be completed with cars included with the standard edition of the game. Those players who have purchased the “Forza Horizon” Season Pass, Rally Expansion Pack, or downloadable car packs will find even more value, with hundreds of new challenges to complete.

The 1000 Club Expansion pack also features two free bonus cars, including:

95 ruf horizzon

1956 Ford F100 – Ford’s F100 truck series was a hit in 1953 but didn’t really hit its stride until the 1956 model – the best-looking and most powerful version of Ford’s classic workhorse.  Maybe it was the new grille. Or that wraparound windscreen. Fans of the blue oval had the optional V8, too, which boosted the F100 to a respectable 167 horsepower, plenty of power for a hard-working vehicle. The F100 went through additional revisions but, for Ford truck connoisseurs, the 1956 model remains a high point.

56 ford horizon


1995 RUF CTR2  – In the late 1980s, Ruf made its auspicious debut in the world of high-performance cars with the original RUF CTR. Nearly a decade later, founder Alois Ruf succeeded in one-upping himself with the CTR2. Like a good Hollywood action sequel, the CTR2 featured more of what fans loved about the original – namely incredible performance, thanks to a 3.6 liter, twin turbocharged flat-six capable of 520 horsepower and a top speed north of 215 mph. As intended, this kind of performance immediately catapulted the CTR2 into the rarefied air of the world’s most elite performance vehicles, in demand by collectors and speed junkies alike.

The Forza Horizon 1000 Club Expansion is available now on Xbox Live as free downloadable content.


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