Ever since I sat up till stupid o’clock to watch the fairly annoying Playstation 4 ‘Launch’ I’ve been super excited waiting for ‘The Event’ from Xbox.
So like a lot of gamers I know, at 6pm GMT I was glued to my laptop (sorry baby girl for your dinner being late), waiting with bated breath. Would we see the console? What new features will it have? What games will be coming? What is it called?! So many questions!
What I really wanted, was to see it…to be shown the actual console. You know, just to prove it really exists (nudge nudge PS4).
Then…there it was.

The Xbox One.


The future of our living rooms in an old school black box. And that was the moment I fell in love with Xbox all over again. Now, before I get carried away with my geekness and Xbox fangirling, let’s start at the beginning.

The Xbox One isn’t just a games console. This is going to be a new way of life. A new religion for the living room of houses worldwide.

And it all starts with a simple command “Xbox on”.

For real. That big ol’ black box is gonna recognise your voice…all the time. The future is here.

The new “More responsive. More intuitive” (Xbox.com) Kinect was needed, I mean Kinect is good but better is, well, better. It’s going to be able to pick out your voice in a crowded room; it will read the tiniest gestures; it has a bigger field of vision. So say goodbye to having to find the sweet spot in the Kinect bars line of sight.
I remember trying the demo version of Kinect in store…my mind was blown and I was kayaking in on dry land with a growing audience. This time I want my world to shake and the walls of my expectations to crumble in awe at the amazingness of this new ‘Real Vision/Voice/Motion’. To say I’m excited is an understatement – gimme the ‘The Minority Report’ interface now please!


The aesthetics of the Xbox One is my next port of call. People all over the Twitterverse have been bashing it already, comparing it to the VHS players of old (yes, there are many of us who know what a VHS player is), calling it ugly and a rehash of the first Xbox. But I like it. This is the next generation of Xbox and in celebrating their future they have designed a beautifully retro piece of kit. Another complaint is that it’s big. Yes it is, but it’s going to do a lot. Remember that Microsoft sees this as the hub of the living room…One box for all?!
As for the controller I was worried. I won’t deny that I really was panicking that they’d change it too much and I would lose my favourite extension of my arms. But they’ve taken care not to change it too much, they’ve simply streamlined it and for me that’s all that was needed.


I don’t really do technical jargon but here’s a little (just because it’s WOW). The Xbox One will house an 8 core x86 processor…yuh. Don’t ask me what that translates to specifically. What I do know is that bad boy is going to allow you to jump from playing a game to watching that all important football game with a simple voice command and seamless transitions. Apparently you’ll also be able to Skype while watching movies and such…that’ll be nice for the social people with friends won’t it?!

A great new feature for me is the ‘Auto-resume’ option. As a mommy gamer I’ve had to drop my game on occasion (to collect my bubs from nursery etc…) and one is not always at a save point, which can really piss one off. This feature will save me Hulk Out moments. That’s a good thing.

Another feature I’m really impressed with is the addition of game DVR. Oh, yes. The Xbox One will record your recent gameplay so you can share your playtime with your pals…or record that kiss with Kaidan in ME1 and keep it on cloud forever…ahem. Where was I?

Smart Match. Yes, the days of playing with peeps way under, or over, your gaming abilities look to be gone. Smart Match will link you up with gamers in the same league as you. Happy MP for all!
The new Achievement system sounds confusing at the moment. The Xbox One’s Achievements won’t just be locked to a single game; they will be based more on how you play not just what you do in game. Right… Anybody else see this pissing off Cheev hunters worldwide? Yuh.

So, down to the games. Hmm, what games? I hear you all ask. We didn’t see any gameplay to comment on but you know what? I don’t care!
‘The Reveal’ was so named to reveal the new Xbox console. And it did just that.
We saw the hardware, the controller, the Kinect bar. We got to know what made it tick and we saw it’s potential.

But they did throw us a bone. They threw in some footage of new EA games and announced their mega partnership with the NFL. They even provided us with some Forza 5 footage because we all know a console launch needs a racing game! I know, poor right?

But then they promo’d two awesome looking games.
‘Quantum Break’ and ‘Cod: Ghosts’.
And Maker, they were pretty weren’t they?! No, it wasn’t actual gameplay that they showed but I was satisfied with the footage they teased us with.
They announced that there would be 15 ‘exclusive’ titles in the Xbox One’s first year – 8 of those being NEW franchises. That makes me a happy geek – 8 new franchises! Squee!

I can wait a couple of weeks to see the games at E3. I didn’t need to see them at the unveiling of the new console…I needed to see the console at the unveiling of the new console.
And I did. And I love it. And I am happy.

Take my monies Microsoft! Take it!


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