Two DJs enter, one DJ leaves. This sounds like a battle between DJs to see who can mix the best track but, instead, players will find themselves racing against the other DJ to see who can reach the finish line first. Who will prevail?

Release Date May 24, 2013
Genre Racing/Platformer
Platforms PC
Developer XYLA Entertainment
Price $9.99 US
ESRB Rating N/A
Players 1-2 Players


*A copy of this game was provided by Digital Tribe to FYIG for review purposes*

Rush Bros is a very different type of game than many others out there right now which may be why it got greenlit on Steam earlier this year. It’s a music-based platformer at heart with some vibrant graphics that really give the game its own identity.

One of the very unique features in Rush Bros happens to be that the music you play during the game controls how the levels themselves play. Traps will open and shut faster and obstacles will move to the beat of the music. It’s not a huge thing but, when you consider how dynamic that can make each level, it’s pretty impressive. Music plays a large part in the charm of Rush Bros and is really what pulls everything together, it’s certainly not a game you can play on mute. Players can upload their own tracks into the game to listen to as they play, and the tempo of the gameplay will change along with it.

rush bros 1
The spike ball is just one of a few obstacles you’ll encounter in Rush Bros.

The controls are fairly good for this type of game, I didn’t find any glaring issues with how my player moved or the responsiveness of the movement. Don’t try using a keyboard for this game though! It’s definitely an exercise in frustration and the game even recommends using a gamepad.

The level design in the game is great for the most part but, once you get past the basic movements, there really isn’t much else to advance to or challenge yourself with. Sure, you can try and beat your best times like any normal racing game but, there aren’t really many new gameplay elements added in. It’s the same thing with different level configurations throughout the games 40 levels. I found it very hard to stay interested after about 7-8 levels.

rush bros 2
Rush Bros definitely has a ton going on at all times.

Online multiplayer takes away the repetitiveness and gives you some healthy competition but, it’s best played with people you know. Beware, some of these players will leave you in their dust. Local spilt-screen multiplayer is also supported which is a nice plus that you don’t see often in PC games. The only difference between multiplayer and singleplayer is that there are power-ups scattered around the levels that you can on your opponent to slow them down. These power-ups range from ones that turn your enemy’s screen upside down to super speed. These additions succeed at giving the game a bit of a different feel online but, it isn’t something that’s going to make you keep coming back for more.

rush bros 3
Local split-screen multi-player is a great addition.

Graphically, Rush Bros looks tremendous and that truly is one of its selling points. The backgrounds change with the music and the visuals a bold, vibrant, and pop right off the screen. If you’re a sucker for a good looking game, this definitely is one that fits the bill.

Pros Cons
Vibrant and colourful graphics Repetitive
Great level design Not a ton of value


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