Today we have another issue of PSM, this time from December 1997. Along with some great reviews including one on Crash Bandicoot 2, you’ll also be able to read about the DualShock which had yet to debut in North America, the then-new PSEmu for PC which was quite an ambitious emulator for 1997, and more stories about companies like Square and Acclaim.


*All thanks goes to RetroMags. No copyright infringement intended, Magazine Monday is simply to appreciate the print magazines of days gone by that can no longer be purchased*


  1. I know this was posted a long time ago… But would you happen to have a higher resolution version to share? Unfortunately the text is unreadable in these images. Thanks.

  2. RetroMags had their entire database wiped out a couple years ago or so and they have been slowly building it back up. It’s not the resource it once was, but you can still find many mags there by going through the indexes.

  3. I could only find the first 3 issues on the retromags site, which prompts me to wonder when/how you got 4 and 5.


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