Here’s the latest Introducing… feature from FYIG. Today we’re going to be introducing you to someone you will probably be hearing a lot of in the next few years, the former teacher turned actress, Kate Drummond!

Twelve years into a career that you worked really hard to get into and you’d think you’d be pretty set in life, right? That wasn’t quite what Kate Drummond thought though. Kate was an elementary school teacher and, after one question from a student, decided to take a calculated risk and follow her dreams and try acting.

After getting her start on stages around Ottawa, she was cast in The Kate Logan Affair alongside Alexis Bledel along with TV movies like No Surrender, and The Perfect Teacher. Kate also worked on the Comedy Network pilot Wingman as well as being the series lead on the CBC web-series, Sweet Tarts Takeaway. You can also see her in between tv shows in one of her many commercial appearances for products like Halls Vitamin Drops and McCain’s Redskins.

While Kate certainly has a lot of versatility in acting, she can also be found pioneering causes that she believes in. She started the non-profit,  charity cooking series, A Jock’s Guide, which donates 100% of proceeds going towards her charity of choice, KidSport Ontario. She also partnered with Gamers for Sandy Hook to raise money for the PTA of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her latest venture is for the Toronto Women’s Build for Habitat for Humanity. You can sponsor Kate right here, she’ll be participating in the build on September 21st.

Kate’s character in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Grim.

Kate has a pretty full plate for the rest of the year with the mini-series Cat. 8, the tv movie, Clara’s Deadly Secret, and the on the big screen in The Informant. Of course, the big news lately has been that she will be portraying Anna Grimsdottir (Grim) in the newest game in the Splinter Cell series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Coincidentally, we’ll be talking to Kate tomorrow afternoon about that and everything else going on with her. Check back in the coming days to see the full interview and please sponsor Kate if you can for the Women’s Build in the link above, I know she’d appreciate it!



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