In this week’s Smackdown Rebound, we’ll discuss the Miz TV segement with AJ and Big E, RVD vs. Orton, Sandow,  Lesnar, and more!

RVD has been great since he’s been back but, what’s next for the “Whole F’N Show”?
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RVD vs. Orton

I really have a problem with how Rob Van Dam is being used right now. I don’t like the fact that he’s just kind of there. RVD has so much more to offer and can definitely have some high profile feuds if given the chance. He does have limited dates in his contract but, it really looks as though he’s just a utility performer right now which doesn’t really work to anyone’s advantage. Randy Orton on the other hand is seeing a great resurgence with the Money in the Bank briefcase. I was not a fan of him winning that case at the PPV but, now with all the opportunities that it opens up, I’m really enjoying what could become of it all. Randy himself also seems to have much more passion and drive lately. As for the match, RVD loses to Orton off an RKO. WWE is definitely trying to book Orton strong leading into SummerSlam and I really have to believe that his slow heel turn will finally happen there.

Girl problems?
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Miz TV Segment

This was a standard segment between AJ, Kaitlyn, Big E, and Dolph. The dynamic in this feud is just stale at this point. AJ has done the same thing for the entire time she has been in WWE and the whole crazy thing isn’t so crazy as just typical now. She’s going t ruin whoever she’s with and it’s only a matter of time before she does the same to Big E. I like AJ and I still think she has so much to give but, to rehash the same thing 6 different times in a year doesn’t help anyone. I do have to say that putting the focus on her instead of the male superstar is a nice change of pace from the normal male/female WWE relationship and I like the way that’s gone thus far but, I hope they do something different after this whole feud is over.

Backstage Vickie/Alberto Segment

I like the way Vickie has been since going to Smackdown, she seemed a lot more subdued and more tolerable. I always felt that Vickie wasn’t really fit for the roles that she’s been given but, if she has to be on the show, less is more. Alberto playing a typical heel trying to get out of his match with Christian here.

Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston

Fandango beat Kofi in this one after he checks on Summer Rae who faked an injury. I like that they didn’t make Kofi lose clean so quickly after coming back from injury as to stop his small push but, even a dirty victory isn’t that great right after coming back. As for Fandango, it’s nice to see him get something as he’s considerably cooled off since his very large debut just months ago. I think that character has so much potential and I’m really interested to see if they’ll ever let it go any further than it has or if he’ll be relegated to a comedy character.

Not much of a Barrett Barrage..
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Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment, Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Bryan explains backstage that he hasn’t changed himself to get to WWE but, he’ll change history. What happened to Wade Barrett by the way? The guy was the next big thing just a couple short years ago and seemed well on his way before injury and then he came back and seemed like he was going to pick up right where he left off and yet, he’s never been the same. It’s a shame to see such a talent wasted and it happens all too often in WWE. Maybe that’s the issue these days, no rotation of top stars, it’s always the same 8-10 guys. Daniel Bryan on the other hand has really owned his character and made it his own. Like him or not, he is his own man and hasn’t let anyone try and change what he does and how he does it. He wrestles his style and does things his way and that has to be admired in an organization where you’re supposed to adapt to a certain method of doing things. Obviously, Bryan goes over Barrett as expected.

Sandow Backstage Segment

Sandow has made such a name for himself since his debut. He reinvented himself into a great snob character that works on so many levels. The reality is, he is that good on the mic and in the ring and will eventually be a great World Heavyweight Champion. Sandow debuted a new briefcase after the first one was destroyed. He is great at delivering a simple promo that hits everything that needs to be addressed perfectly and that’s exactly what we saw here.

Factions don’t seem to like Kane.
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 Kane vs. 3MB

Kane destroys 3MB then we have a segment with Bray Wyatt appearing on the TitanTron. I’m so intrigued by where this feud is going although I can imagine that Kane will be written out of WWE storylines in some crazy way following the match at SummerSlam considering he’ll be off filming See No Evil 2 this fall. I could really see Kane joining The Wyatt Family although I wouldn’t want that nor would I understand the point. If The Wyatts take out Kane “for good” though, they’ll be known as a force to be reckoned with so, maybe that’s what will see in the Ring of Fire match.

Lesnar Video

This has to be one of the most convincing Lesnar videos I’ve seen. Usually Brock isn’t much of a talker but, this one basically made him seem like he was unstoppable. It’s a shame Brock doesn’t seem to have more drive and passion for the business because if he was able to be around it all the time, he could easily help create some stars and easily boost the overall product. The match between Punk and Brock at SummerSlam should be a great one and I really wonder what they’ll do with Brock after this point. With quite a few dates on his contract taken up during this feud, I really wonder whether we’ll see him again before the build to Wrestleamania 30.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

Having a non-title match two weeks before a huge title match at a big PPV is always a fun thing to see and a great way to wonder what might be. Christian and Del Rio had a very decent match on SD with Christian going over the champion and looking great in the process. The fun happened after the match with Christian hitting the Killswitch on Del Rio and Sandow coming down to cash in his contract before being laid out by Cody Rhodes. The cash-in didn’t count but, it really goes to show how many ways SummerSlam can go. My bet is on Christian winning the match with Del Rio only to lose the title moments later to a Sandow cash-in.

Overall, it was a decent Smackdown with a lot of feuds being taken to the next level just over a week before SummerSlam. The Biggest Party of the Summer looks to be one of the better SummerSlams in recent memory which is great for this once mighty PPV.



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