2K’s Creative Director for WWE 2K14, Cory Ledesma, has revealed exclusive details about “The Streak” mode, stating that the developers “wanted to do something special to pay homage to The Undertaker and pay tribute” to his astounding 21-0 record on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

“The Streak” mode will allow players two unique game types to virtually live as WWE’s legendary Deadman, and also to go head to head with The Phenom at Wrestlemania.

With “Defend The Streak,” players will take the reins as The Undertaker himself and battle wave after wave of opponents at The Show of Shows. Also available in Exhibition Mode as “The Slobberknocker,” this gauntlet match-like mode challenges players to see how many opponents they can take out, one after another.

In “Defeat The Streak,” players will be faced with the daunting task of challenging The Undertaker in his domain upon The Grandest Stage of Them All, a stage The Deadman has dominated for more than two decades. According to Ledesma, pinning The Deadman will be no easy task, as 2K’s developers have cranked it up to an off-the-charts fifth difficulty level that will incorporate supernatural elements to mirror The Undertaker’s near-mythic WrestleMania aura.

When asked which Superstar gamer he thought might have the best shot at beating The Streak in the game, Ledesma had some fun at the expense of The Awesome One. “For sure The Miz has no chance whatsoever!” Ledesma told WWE.com. “I could be there coaching him, and he would still have no chance. The guy that has a lot of talent that I know could give The Undertaker a run for his money is Kofi Kingston. Not only is he a gamer, but he’s awesome at our game.”

Ledesma went on to detail improvements made to “WWE 2K14’s” Universe Mode, calling the feature a “total sandbox experience” wherein players can completely customize their world. With updates to the game’s Rivalry Manager, improved match AI logic, stat-tracking of all your created rivalries, the ability to create an all-Divas show and the inclusion of user-created WWE Championships into the WWE Universe Experience, “WWE 2K14” promises to be the most immersive sports-entertainment game of all time.

Additionally, Superstar Threads allows users the unique opportunity to change up the colors of Superstars’ and Divas’ ring gear and entrance attire — an all-new feature added to a completely overhauled Creation Suite. Also included in this year’s Creation Suite is the ability to use a WWE Superstar as a template in creating a custom Superstar, a feature fans have demanded in past games.


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