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Call of Duty Ghosts Review

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

Going into this year, a lot of people were probably expecting yet another installment in the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty games. Infinity Ward (Along with Raven and Neversoft) chose to go in a different direction and release a brand new title in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Can this new direction result in a compelling new game or will it be the same old stuff that we saw last year from the series?

Madden NFL 25 Review

EA is back this year with a brand new game in the Madden NFL series! This year, the game is making its debut on the PlayStation 4 as one of the handful of launch titles available for the console. Let's take a look at whether Madden has made a giant leap into the next-generation or whether it stumbles out of the gates.

FYIG Chats With…April Mullen

This past week, FYIG had the pleasure of getting to chat with actress/director April Mullen  about her career and her film, Dead Before Dawn...

PlayStation Vita – Firmware 3.00 Details

With the release of the PlayStation 4 coming just over a week from now, the PlayStation Vita is set to receive a very important...