FYIG got its hands on some interesting new charging cables from Nomad. These cables come in the form of keys and cards to give consumers an easy option to charge their devices on the go. Take a look inside to check out the cables!

When you think about a charge cable, you typically think of a long cable that gets tangled up, tripped over, or just isn’t convenient to keep in your pocket. Nomad has attempted to alleviate some of those concerns with a new line of charge cables that aren’t really cables at all with the ChargeCard and ChargeKey.




As you can see, the ChargeKey fits right on any key ring which makes for easy portability. The only real problem with this is that the cable itself isn’t very long so your power source will have to be relatively close for the cable to be able to charge your device. The cord not being very long is a small price to pay to have a charge cable at your disposal anytime, anywhere though.


The ChargeKey is a pretty durable product and flexes to give it some versatility so that it doesn’t have to sit straight while charging different devices.




As seen above, the ChargeCard is a bit more interesting than the ChargeKey. The card isn’t much thicker than a normal credit card is (if it is at all). The charge cable flips out of the center of the card and easily moves around to charge devices. Much like the ChargeKey, the cable isn’t long so the device and charger will have to be very close for this to be useful.



The ChargeCard and ChargeKey are both great products for people who are on the go and don’t have the space to store a full charge cable on them every second of the day. You can buy the ChargeKey and ChargeCard at¬†for $29 each *note the names have changed to NomadKey and NomadCard, these are new models of these products*


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