A single image of a poorly lit dress has blown up the Internet over the past few days and I’m here to offer my take on the situation and see yours.

I was sitting there talking to my wife last night when he sister came in and asked us our opinions on the dress in the picture below.


Originally, I saw white and gold while my wife saw blue and black, but my view changed minutes later to blue and black and I haven’t seen white and gold since. All over the Internet, similar reactions are coming out and everyone has seems to be split on the actual opinion. It’s making people think that they’re insane that they can’t see things the same way as other. To be honest, originally I thought it was a modified picture that somehow changed over time, but that’s not the case. If anything, this has been an interesting insight into just how the brain interprets images and colours and really makes you wonder whether there aren’t more objects that can be interpreted differently from person to person.

What do you see? Are you ready to let ‘The Dress’ die yet? Are you frustrated that you can’t see what your friends are seeing? Do you seen different colours altogether?

Let us know in the comments!


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