Pre-Alpha footage of an unreleased South Park video game for Xbox has surfaced on YouTube.

Happy Console Gamer uploaded a new video on YouTube, showing off a pre-alpha version of an open-world South Park game from the original Xbox.

The video shows various game modes and features a lot of unfinished material. Most of the game world is just shapes besides the detailed interior of Cartman’s house and Cartman himself. This version had a split-screen option, driving modes, and even a fighting element to it. There were also a lot of unfinished modes like capture the flag. This game looks to have had a lot of potential and I really wonder why it was never completed. Maybe this game was just too ambitious at the time.

The game was never announced by Buzz Monkey Software based out of Eugene, Oregon, until it was found on an Xbox dev kit that was purchased from a retro gaming expo in Portland.

Here’s the original cinematic found last year by Wafflefoot Games.

You can subscribe to HappyConsoleGamer on YouTube here and Wafflefoot Games here.



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