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Square-Enix Reveals Nier: Automata

SQUARE ENIX® today unveiled the full name for the upcoming action-packed addition to the NIER series as NieR: Automata™.During a stage presentation at...

Hitman – Welcome to Sapienza Trailer

I/O-Interactive and Square Enix gave the first glimpse of a new location for the upcoming Hitman, available on March 11th 2016. The video, which debuted...

Just Cause 3 – Story and Missions Dev Diary

The fourth – and penultimate - entry in the Just Cause 3 Dev Diary series takes a look at the story and missions driving Just Cause...
Transformers Devastation Review

Transformers: Devastation Review

Activision is back this year with a brand new game in the Transformers series and this time, they’re ditching the movies to go back to the cartoon series that made this franchise a household name. Is there more than meets the eye to Transformers: Devastation or is this one more licensed shovelware?

WWE 2K16 – Launch Trailer

The biggest wrestling game to date launches yesterday! WWE 2K16 is here and we have the launch trailer!2K today announced that WWE® 2K16, the...

Movie Review – Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The Paranormal Activity series is finally reaching its climax after 6 movies and hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. Can Paranormal...

Paranormal Activity: Timeline Summary of Events

The entire Paranormal Activity series is based on a demonic entity, “Toby”, that has been worshipped for centuries by a witch coven called the...