Ahh the Power Rangers. I remember the first time I watched this show back in the mid-1990s when I was still fairly young. I loved the show back then and I remember trying to re-create certain fight scenes in it with my friends. Today the Power Rangers have changed quite a bit from what I remember and Lionsgate has just released a brand new set of two DVDs based on the Super Samurai series. Are these two DVDs worth buying for your little ones or are these rangers out of power?

I’ll have to admit that I’ll be looking at these DVDs from a purely adult standpoint on whether it would be good for a mother or father to buy this for their children since I doubt any kids will be reading this review.

The Rangers are out to stop Master Xandred and his dangerous Nighlok monsters who are attempting to defeat our heroes. The secrets of the mysterious and legendary powers of the black box are uncovered by Gold Ranger Antonio and Master Ji to morph into Super Samurai. You’ll see some new combinations as the Rangers attempt to defeat a new villain that I won’t spoil in this review. In the second DVD, the Rangers are again saving the world from Master Xandred along with Serrator and the Nighloks. A young guardian releases the mysterious Bull Zord in which the Rangers must tame the Bull to become a brand new MegaZord. Antonio and Mentor Ji get kidnapped and it’s up to the Rangers to defeat an army of Moogers to save them.

The Green Ranger has come a long way since the original series.

Now that we have a simple summary of just what the kiddies will find in this DVD, let’s take a look at the value you’re getting for your dollar. Each of these DVDs comes with a nice theme like most children’s DVDs do with Super Showdown and The Super Powered Black Box being two different story arcs in the Super Samurai series. That’s all great stuff and it’s good to have the type of flow in these DVDs. The one thing that I really don’t like to see is the fact that they are two separate sets because they could have easily been one. I know these companies usually try and get the best dollar value out of this but, these sets only come with four different episodes each which could have easily been combined to form one nice set for maybe $25 instead of $14.98 each. The value isn’t terrible and most parents could easily buy both of these sets for their little Ranger fans but, I’d just like to see a bit more content in one disc rather than having to shell out for two.

The Power Rangers are ready for battle!

The extras are a bit of a sore spot too, I’m not expecting a ton here considering you can’t really include a behind-the-scenes thing because of the children that believe in this series but, something would have been nice. All that’s found in the extras is a couple of galleries and a music video. I would have liked to see some interactive games or something that would keep the kids interested.

The costumes are fairly elaborate in the Super Samurai series.

The Power Rangers Super Samurai Vol.1 and 2 DVDs are definitely a great pick-up for kids who love the Power Rangers and are huge fans of the series but, for people who are looking for a DVD that will keep their kids occupied for longer than an hour or two, I’m not so sure this is for you. If you know your kids will watch it again and again then it’s definitely worth it, if they’re only going to watch it one time, I can’t recommend them. There just isn’t a lot of substance beyond the four episodes on each DVD and those will be done 92 minutes later (per DVD). Overall, the Power Rangers haven’t skipped a beat but, these DVDs sure left a lot to be desired.


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