The price for a standard Netflix account is going up by $1/month effective immediately for new subscribers.

Netflix has decided to raise the price of it’s most popular plan (standard plan) by $1 a month to a new price of $9.99 a month. The standard plan allows users to watch in HD on 2 screens at once and is the plan that most Netflix subscribers use.

The company’s website has already been updated to reflect the change for new customers if you attempt to sign up for a free trial now. Existing customers will have a varying grace period, depending on where they live.

Users can still get the basic Netflix plan (which lacks HD and limits users to one screen) for $8 per month, as well as the Premium plan with four screens at a time for $12 per month. Only the standard plan seems to be affected.

This doesn’t seem like the worst price increase ever, but it could start to become a yearly trend with Netflix producing more original shows and paying content licensing fees. We’ll see what happens, but right now I’ll pay my extra dollar and continue watching.


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