A new edition of FYIG Plays is now available. Today we’re playing WWE 2K16 and messing around with the photo import tool. Check out the interesting results and stay for a couple matches in MyCareer Mode featuring Tyler Breeze and The Vaudevillains!

Here is my quick attempt at creating a Superstar in WWE 2K16 on the PS4. I used the photo import tool in the game to import a picture of my face and molded it on the game character. The only problem I had was there was a blue glare the transitioned into the game on the character’s face. This is fixable by changing the skin tone and adding some textures, but I decided to leave it as is for now.

Also in this video is some sparring with Enzo Amoré and matches against Tyler Breeze (a dominant victory) and The Vaudevillains (a tough loss) in MyCareer Mode!


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