Once again, as we have seen more than once before, one of the most popular WWE Superstars in recent times is calling it quits due to injury.

Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) dropped a bombshell on Twitter today announcing his retirement from the squared-circle. There is a slight chance this is storyline-related, however with Bryan’s health issues the last few years, you have to think this is it. The full tweet is embedded below.

Bryan will be on Raw tonight to address this announcement and hopefully we get more information about this decision. It puts into perspective the toll these men and women go through to entertain the audience. Wrestling may be pre-determined, but it certainly isn’t fake.

We at findyourinnergeek.ca wish Bryan the best in his future, whatever it may hold. Bryan was in the prime of his career and this certainly isn’t the way we would have liked to see him go out.


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