In the video below, ooVoo built a family of three motion-activated robots and employed an international crew of more than 60 people, placed them with hidden cameras in public spaces across three cities. On 26 cameras over the course of 3 days, ooVoo shot 65 hours of footage, and traveled a combined total of 15,500 miles across the world in a grand celebration of human connection.

On a Manhattan street, in a New Jersey park, and inside Tokyo Tower, as pedestrians approached, each robot performed a simple gesture to prompt a human interaction such as a hug, high five, or fist bump. In each location, the emotional response of one winner triggered a surprise flash mob, and every winner walked away with a prize: a $1,000 check, a tandem bike, and a karaoke party, respectively.

“ooVoo believes in making it easier than ever to share moments with the people you care about,” said Chris Wire, Chief Marketing Officer at ooVoo. “Our users are from all over the globe, and the project explored how basic human interactions and emotions transcend technology, language, and location.”

The newly-released 2-minute video Robo Love shows the genuine human reactions and shareable moments the robots inspired, reminding us that technology should be used to bring people together, one interaction at a time.

Robo Love can be seen at:


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