Better later than never for Magazine Monday. Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue #141 is featured as this week’s magazine. This issue is special because it features articles on Sega’s exit from the hardware business, Sony’s journey ahead to the PS2, and Nintendo’s impending release of the Game Boy Advance.

Featured games in this issue: Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Fighting Vipers 2, Dr. Mario 64, Half-Life, Extermination, Ring of Red, SSX, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, Le Mans 24 Hours, Motor Mayhem, All-Star Baseball 2002, NBA Shootout 2001, NBA Street, Test Drive: Off Road – Wide Open, Run Like Hell, 4×4 Evolution, MTV Music Generator 2.0, Monster Rancher 3, Sled Storm 2, Rumble Racing, High Heat Baseball 2002, Time Crisis: Project Titan, Triple Play Baseball 2002, Digimon World 2, Batman: Gotham City Racer, Battlefield 1942, Project Dragonfly, Mario Advance, Mario Kart Advance, Mr. Driller 2, Fire Emblem 2, Pinobee: Quest of Heart, and so many more!

*All thanks goes to RetroMags. No copyright infringement intended, Magazine Monday is simply to appreciate the print magazines of days gone by that can no longer be purchased*


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