Wrestlemania 32 – Results and Analysis (Updated)


The biggest show in sports entertainment is upon us, Wrestlemania 32 is here!

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Stardust vs. Kevin Owens [c] vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sami Zayn vs. Sin Cara vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

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Zayn and Owens start in the ring battling before Ziggler hits Zayn with a ladder. Ryder then gets in the ring and gives a neckbreaker to Stardust. Miz get in the ring trying to get the title but Zayn knocks him off ducking a super kick from Ziggler into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Owens and Zayn are back at it and Zayn gets a back body drop onto a ladder. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Owens. Ryder and Owens are knocked onto the top rope by Stardust. Sin Cara knocks Stardust off and both men are out of the ring. Zayn is alone in the ring but, limping. Miz grabs the ladder but gets booted by Zayn. Zayn dives through the ropes into everyone outside and then gives a diving DDT through the ropes to Owens. Sin Cara knocks Zayn off the ladder back in the ring. Zayn knocks Sin Cara off the ladder and he jumps off the top rope and onto the rest of the competitors. Ziggler Super Kicks Zayn on the outside and then Miz and Sin Cara in the ring. He blocks a Rough Ryder and hit a Super Kick on Ryder. Ziggler get knocked off the ladder by Owens and the both hit Super Kicks on each other. Stardust brings out the polka dot ladder hitting everyone in sight. Miz hits a SCF on Stardust. Owens flips Miz onto a ladder. Owens tosses out the polka dot ladder. Zayn back in but gets kicked by Owens. Owens on the top rope and splashes Zayn through a ladder. Miz back in the ring and gets a Powerbomb for his trouble. Ryder to the top of the ladder in the corner. Ryder with the Elbow Drop from the ladder! Ryder back to the rope but Ziggler starts with the punches. Both men go crashing to the mat. Owens with the Powerbomb of the ladder. Stardust hits Queen’s Crossbow on Owens. Sin Cara throws Stardust onto a ladder positioned across the ring and barrier. Owens pushes Cara onto Stardust and through the ladder. Owens and Zayn are fighting atop the ladder. Owens gouged the eye and Zayn suplexes Owens onto a ladder. Zayn is all alone. Miz knocks the ladder over. Miz climbs to the top but is knocked off by Ryder and Ryder grabs the title to win the Intercontinental Championship. What a way to start Wrestlemania!

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AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

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Jericho makes his way down the ramp sporting a colourful lighted jacket and little emotion. AJ Styles makes his way down for his first Wrestlemania with brand new red and white ring gear. Crowd is very pro-AJ in this one as the men lock-up.  Shoulder block by Y2J after the lock-up. Styles clothesline Jericho over the top and Jericho kicks the steps in frustration. Styles chases Jericho back in the ring and gives Jericho a Shoulder Tackle of his own. Jericho regroups with an Arm Drag and Styles replicates it. Styles then kicks Jericho and the two trade punches. Jericho tries for a Triangle Dropkick but Styles gets away and hits one of his own. Styles then vaults over the ropes into a kick from Jericho. Jericho hits a neckbreaker on the second rope to Styles. Jericho then hit a flying elbow from the top for a 1-count. Jericho hits a Suplex and then taunts to the massive crowd. Jericho puts Styles in a sleeper. Styles gets out of it and trades punches before landing a Clothesline and Running Forearm. Styles then hits a Dropkick. Jericho rolls through a suplex into the Walls of Jericho! Styles gets to the ropes. Styles with a springboard reverse DDT for a 2-count. Styles runs into a boot and then counters a running Bulldog. Styles smashes Jericho’s face into the turnbuckle. Both men on the top rope now. Both men hit the mat hard off a facecrusher from the top. Styles rolls Jericho up for a 2-count. Pele kick misses and Jericho hooks on the Walls of Jericho again. Styles reverses it into a Calf Crusher. Jericho reverses it into a 2-count. Styles hits some strikes. Jericho reverses a Styles Clash attempt and a Phenomenal Forearm into a Code Breaker for a 2-count. Jericho looks shocked now and both men trade strikes. Jericho looks for the Styles Clash but AJ reverses it for a 2-count! Styles hits a Styles Clash after a struggle for a 2-count. Trading strikes again now and Styles dives right into a boot. Styles reverses a Lionsault attempt. Styles hits a springboard 450 splash for a 2-count! Styles hypes the crowd and tries for a Phenomenal Forearm and Jericho reverses it with a Code Breaker! Jericho gets the 3-count for the victory! What a match, AJ showed why he belongs in this one and what a swerve to have AJ get the loss.

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Maria Menounos interviews new IC Champion Zack Ryder backstage. Ryder talks about how much it means to him and seeing Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels battle at Wrestlemania and how he wants to take a picture with Ramon later on tonight. He talks about being happy with the moment even if he retired tomorrow.

6-Man Tag Match

The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods vs. The League of Nations (Rusev, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio w/ Wade Barrett)

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The New Day is out next breaking out a giant Booty-Os box with Dragon Ball Z costumes. The League is out next. Kofi and Sheamus start off and The New Day puts the boots to the Irishman. Woods in now and Sheamus takes control with a suplex and tags in Rusev. Rusev hits a big elbow for 2. Del Rio is in now and tosses Woods into the corner and hits some strikes for a 2-count. ADR with the submission and then Woods comes back with a big elbow. ADR hits a backbreaker on Woods and then a huge enziguri. Sheamus gets tagged in now and hits him with rolling splash. Rusev tagged in now and hits another splash. Woods is taunted by Rusev and then pounds away on him back in the League corner. ADR tagged in now and goes for the punches on the turnbuckle in the corner. Woods flips ADR over the ropes to the outside. Sheamus is tagged back in and Woods still doesn’t tag out. Rusev hits a huge kick on Big E on the outside. Woods finally makes it to Kofi after knocking down Sheamus. Kofi comes in like a house of fire hitting the Boom Drop on Sheamus and Rusev. Sheamus reverses Trouble in Paradise and Rusev kicks Kofi off of Sheamus. Woods breaks up the pin at 2 and a half. Kofi fights off Sheamus and Big E tags in. Big E takes out Rusev, Sheamus, and Barrett on the outside. Kofi brings Sheamus back in. Woods tags in and jumps onto the chest of Sheamus for 2. ADR and Kofi battle on the outside. Kofi and Big E are both down. Woods takes out Rusev and rolls up Sheamus for 2. Barrett hits the Bull Hammer into  Brogue Kick for the 3 count on Woods. League of Nations wins this one with the assist from Barrett on the outside. This was a fun match for what it was with the underdog Woods fighting for his life the whole match. Barrett takes the mic telling the crowd how good The League is and that no 3 men can match them which brings out Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and Stone Cold Steve Austin! A brawl ensues with the Legends taking out The League! Foley with Socko! Michaels with Sweet Chin Music, and Stone Cold with the Stunner! Barrett is left alone and takes all 3 finishers! The New Day comes in and starts dancing. Each of the legends start dancing before Stone Cold hits the Stunner on Woods and celebrate with a beer.

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No Holds Barred Street Fight

Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose

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The Beast is out first for what should be a car crash of a match. Paul Heyman gets Eden out of the ring and does his whole intro while introducing Brock as “from the University of Violence”. Ambrose makes his way to the ring with Eden’s introduction. Lesnar attacks Ambrose from the start and gives two suplexes right away. Lesnar striking with the knees and hits a third suplex. Lesnar taunts in the middle of the ring as Ambrose is recovering on the outside. Lesnar goes to the outside and gets some kendo stick shots for his trouble. Back in the ring Lesnar hits a fourth and fifth suplex. Lesnar brings the kendo stick outside and starts clubbing Ambrose with his hands. Back in the ring Lesnar has the kendo stick and  he breaks it in half. Lesnar with a sixth suplex and a seventh suplex though regular and not of the german variety. Ambrose tries for the kendo stick but Lesnar blocks it. Suple eight for Lesnar and he steps on the kendo stick again. Ambrose slaps Lesnar and lands some strikes before getting suplexed for a ninth time. Lesnar with the kendo stick now taunting Dean to grab it. Dean with the low blow on Lesnar as he grabs the kendo stick and nails Lesnar with shots. Lesnar escapes the ring. Ambrose dives through the ropes and hits Lesnar. Ambrose grabs a chainsaw, but Lesnar hits a tenth suplex on the outside. Ambrose nails Lesnar with a ring bell and grabs a chair hitting Lesnar with it.Lesnar jumps up to the top rope where Ambrose made his way to and suplexed him to the mat. Lesnar has the kendo stick again but Ambrose sprays him with the fire extinguisher. Ambrose assaulting Lesnar with a chair now. Ambrose dropkicks a chair into the face of Lesnar in the corner.  Ambrose to the top rope with a chair and hits and elbow drop with the chair. Ambrose gets a 2-count. Ambrose throwing multiple chairs in the ring and Lesnar hits an eleventh suplex but overshoots the chairs. Ambrose counters an F5 into Dirty Deeds onto a chair for a 2-count. Ambrose goes out to grab the barbed wire bat. Lesnar hits the twelfth suplex onto the chairs (or 13?) and then an F5 onto the chairs for the 3-count. Lesnar wins this war and Ambrose is down. Lesnar sprays some of the fire extinguisher at the end a the ref tends to Ambrose.

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Ric Flair and Zack Ryder are backstage for a Snickers spot wooing. Ryder turns into Charlotte.

The 2016 Hall of Fame class is honoured on the stage.

WWE Women’s Championship

Charlotte [c] vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

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Becky Lynch is out first for her very first Wrestlemania match. Sasha Banks is out next and Snoop Dogg is accompanying her to the ring and rapping part of her entrance! Charlotte is out last and has a robe inspired by the robe Ric wore at Wrestlemania 24. Becky and Sasha start to double-team Charlotte. Becky rolls up Sasha. Sasha rolls up Becky. Becky rolls up Charlotte. Charlotte boots Becky in the face. Sasha hits a headscissors on Charlotte from the top/ Becky back in and a quick 2-count. Becky with an Arm Drag on Sasha and now a submission. Sasha with a Shoulder Block but Charlotte drags Sasha out. Becky takes Charlotte down by vaulting off the apron. Becky kicks Charlotte back in the ring and hits a reverse DDT. Becky to the ropes and Charlotte clubs her on the back and give her a Rude Awakening from the top for a 2-count. Charlotte slams Becky down for a 1-count. Sasha back in with shoulders to Charlotte. Becky tosses Sasha out of the ring. Charlotte rolls up Becky for 1-count. Becky trying to lock in the disarmer and does. Flair attempts to run interference to no avail. Sasha breaks up the submission and is tossed from the ring. Charlotte locks in the figure 4 but Sasha land a Frog Splash from the top rope onto Charlotte for a 2-count. Sasha with kicks and the double knee roll-up for 2. German Suplex by Becky and a Pump Handle Slam with pin broken up be Sasha. Becky rolls up Sasha for 2. Becky tossed into the corner and the two trade reversals. Sasha dives out through the ropes onto Charlotte. Becky takes out Ric Flair with a dive to the outside. All women are down. Charlotte does a Moonsault onto the 2 women on the outside. All 3 are back in the ring. Charlotte with a double neckbreaker and dual 2-counts multiple times. Charlotte tosses Becky into the ring post. Sasha reverse a Powerbomb and Becky takes them both out with a Dropkick. Beck with the Disarmer locked in! Sasha with the Back Stabber and the Banks Statement on Becky. Charlotte locks in the Figure 8 but Sasha reverses it. Becky breaks up the submission! Charlotte with chops from her knees but Sasha and Becky fight back. Charlotte hits a spear on Sasha. Becky battles with Charlotte in the corner. Both women to the top rope. Sasha is up there too. Becky is knocked off. Sasha is in the tree of woe. Becky with the suplex off the top to Charlotte. Sasha and Becky are in the corner. Sasha reverses a back drop. Sasha is knocked out of the ring. Charlotte locks in the Figure 8 and Flair prevents Sasha from breaking it up. Becky taps and Charlotte retains the title. Fireworks mark the start of a new era with the brand-new WWE Women’s Championship.

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Career vs. Control – Hell in a Cell

Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon

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Shane is out first with his 3 sons and fake money dropping from the ceiling. His wife Marissa is in the front row and so are his sons after hopping the barricade. Take is out next to a huge ovation and a boatload of special effects. The mood is very eerie in AT&T Stadium. This feels like the longest entrance in WWE history. Shane and Taker spar in the ring. Shane gets shots in in the corner. Taker finally catches up to Shane with strikes. The two trade strikes in the corner. Shane sent to the floor. Taker with strikes against the cage. Both men back in the ring. Taker taking Shane down with shots and snake eyes in the corner. Shane hits a quick back elbow and attempts to duck away from strikes only to be caught. Shane thrown into the cage on the outside. Taker picks up the stairs and drops them. Shane in the ring and strikes Taker but Taker pulls Shane out and tosses him into the cell wall again. Taker with the leg drop on the apron. Taker with the Last Ride for a 2-count. Taker outside grabbing the steps and putting them in the ring. Shane hits the Triangle Hold out of nowhere. Taker gets a 2-count out of a reversal. Shane with the kicks near the steps in the ring. Chokeslam by Taker onto the steps for a 2-count. Undertaker with the elbow drop that misses on the steps. Shane sucks Taker into a DDT on the steel steps for a 2-count. Shane hits an elbow drop from the steps for a 2-count. Taker sits up and counters Shane’s punches into Hell’s Gate! Shane reverses it into a Sharpshooter! Taker kicks Shane off. Shane crawls over to Taker and punches Taker in the corner. Shane to the outside and he grabs a trash can and puts it in the ring. Shane places it on Taker in the corner. Shane hits the Van Terminator on the trash can on Taker in the corner and gets a 2-count. Shane grabs bolt cutters and clips the bolts that hold the cell wall in place. Taker and Shane go through the cell wall and crash into the announce table. Taker slams Shane into the broken cell wall. Taker now throws a piece of the announce table on Shane. Taker then slams Shane in the face with a monitor multiple times. Shane is put on a box next to the announce tables by Taker but Shane locks a sleeper in. Taker breaks the Sleeper by back body dropping Shane through the announce table. Shane grabs a toolbox at ringside and nails Taker with it against the cell. Shane hits him with it again! Taker is laid out on the announce table. Shane knocks him in the head with a monitor. Shane climbs to the top of the cell and looks down on Taker. Shane dives for an elbow drop off the cell and through the announce table but Taker ducks out of the way as Shane crashes through. Taker brings Shane into the ring. Both men taunt each other. Taker Tombstones Shane and this one is over! Taker is 23-1 at Wrestlemania. Doctors are on the way down for Shane with a board and he is stretchered out.

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André The Giant Memorial Battle Royale

Mark Henry vs. The Social Outcasts vs. Kane vs. DDP vs. Big Show vs. Shaq vs. Goldust vs. Tatanka vs. The Ascension vs. Jack Swagger vs. Darren Young vs. Damien Sandow vs. Fandango vs. Baron Corbin vs. R-Truth vs. Tyler Breeze

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The wrestlers brawl until Big Show and Shaq are left in the ring. Fandango is eliminated by Show. Sandow is eliminated by Shaq. Show grabs Shaq, Shaq grabs Show. The rest of the Superstars come in and try to eliminate Show and Shaq and they succeed! Action is everywhere around the ring. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter eliminating Victor of The Ascension. Konnor eliminates DDP. Truth eliminates Konnor. Tatanka takes out Rose from the second rope. Corbin eliminates Tatanka. Kane eliminates Swagger. The Outcasts eliminate R-Truth. The Outcasts eliminate Goldust. The Outcasts do a victory lap and Axel is eliminated by Kane. Corbin eliminates Rose. Kane eliminates Corbin. Slater is eliminated by Henry, as is Tyler Breeze. Kane and Young eliminate Henry. Kane eliminates Young and Dallas. Corbin sneaks up behind and eliminates Kane. Corbin wins it all! What a night for NXT who has been well-represented at Mania.

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The Cowboys cheerleaders are out next to pump up the crowd before the main event. The Rock entrance music plays and The Great One is on the screen. He runs back to the stage and now he has a flamethrower! He sets fire to giant ROCK letters on the stage. He finally makes his way to the ring on the second loop of his entrance music while stopping to show a cheerleader his muscle. Huge ovation for The People’s Champ as his music goes off. The Rocks goes through his whole routine and tells the audience they’re going to do something that has never been done before, that records are made to be broken. The new Wrestlemania attendance record is 101,763! Now The Rock says it’s going to good good, but he’s interrupted by Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family. Wyatt tells Rock he knows him and tells him his name. He says he comes as a reminder of the truth and the truth is that he chose Rock because Rock represents success and greatness and also because he represents a lie. He chose The Rocks because he’s The Great One and The People’s Champion and he regrets to inform Rock that it isn’t his moment or the fans’ moment and that it’s Wyatt’s moment. He’s going to eviscerate him on The Grandest Stage of Them All and make the people watch every second of it. Rock tries to get it straight and ends up mocking Bray’s voice. Rocks says he talks like he’s been hitting the bong for 7 days straight and that clearly The Wyatts parents are related and that Braun looks like he’s been breast fed since he was 26 years old. Rock praises Bray’s ability, charisma, tats, beard, he has it all. Rock warns Bray he’s knocking on a door he doesn’t want answered and tells him he’s the eater of hot pockets. Bray says he’s here to kick a door down and that Rock doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Rock takes his shirt off and says they’re going to have a Wrestlemania match.

The Rock vs. Erick Rowan

The two square off. Rock Bottom right away and the 3-count. Rock wins in six seconds! Now the Wyatts surround the ring and out comes John Cena! Cena and Rock go after The Wyatts. Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Strowman! 5-Knuckle Shuffle to Rowan and an Attitude Adjustment by Cena. Bray comes in to a spinebuster by The Rock! Rock hits The People’s Elbow! Rock welcomes back John Cena as he does his send off.

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H [c] vs. Roman Reigns

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Stephanie is shown on a throne and tells the audience that they are the sheep and that they own them. She says after tonight all hope will be gone because there can be only one. A bunch of faceless people with championships are shown as Triple H walks through with Stephanie at his side. This will likely be Triple H’s last Mania as champion. Reigns is out next to a chorus of boos. The two-men lock up and HHH gets the upper hand with a side headlock takedown. Reigns gets to his feet and hits a shoulder tackle. HHH throws Reigns over the top rope and taunts him to come back in. HHH wrenches his arm back in the ring. Reigns drives Triple H to the corner and gives him a crotch chop. The two lock up and Triple H knocks Reigns to the ground multiple times. HHH with the knee to the back of the head. Reigns punches back. Reigns tackles HHH and then goes to the outside for a Drive-By. Reigns hammers HHH in the corner and Stephanie runs interference while The Game delivers a low-blow. HHH with the inverted Atomic Drop twice for a 2-count. HHH with shots to the reconstructed nose. Reigns fights back and HHH fighting with rights. Spinebuster by HHH for a 2-count. Reigns thrown to the outside and HHH smashes his face off the announce table. Reigns counters with shots of his own but Reigns is sent over the table and into the German announce team. HHH with a Neckbreaker off the announce table. HHH kicks Reigns on the second rope now and gives him a diving knee off the second rope! HHH suplexes Reigns onto the top rope and goes for the dive but Reigns hits him with an uppercut. Reigns gives HHH an elbow and then a boot. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner. HHH counters with a boot, however, Reigns hits a Samoan Drop for the 2-count. Reigns tries for the Superman Punch, but HHH rolls out of the ring. Reigns jumps off the steps for a Clothesline. Reigns tosses HHH into the steel steps and rolls HHH back in the ring, but HHH rolls back out and sends Reigns into the steps. Reigns is sent over the announce table again. Reigns spears Triple H through the barricade. Reigns gets HHH into the ring at a 9-count. Triple H counters the punch into a Crossface. Triple H attacks with an Armbar after a rope break. Reigns rolls out and lifts HHH up and slams him down for a 2-count. HHH back into an Armbar. Reigns slams HHH out of it again. Both men gingerly get to their feet. Triple H goes for The Pedigree but it gets reversed and HHH is thrown from the ring. Reigns dives into a punch from Triple H but hits him with a quick Spear and Stephanie distracts the referee at 2. Steph is in the ring now. Reigns spears Steph. HHH Pedigrees Reigns for the 2-count. HHH with the knee smash but Reigns connects with a Superman Punch! Reigns goes for the Spear on HHH but gets a knee to the face and HHH gets a 2-count. Steph hands HHH the hammer but Reigns hits two Superman Punches and a Spear for the 3-count and Roman Reigns is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! This was easily one of the least eventful matches on the card and the most predictable.

The image of Reigns with the title ends the show.

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