WWE NXT Takeover Dallas – Results and Analysis (Updated)


NXT takes over Dallas for Wrestlemania weekend headlined by Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor for the NXT Championship and Bayley vs. Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship. Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura also make their debuts. This article will be updated as the night goes on. This article will be constantly updated throughout the show.

NXT Tag Team Championship

American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) vs. The Revival [c] (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

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Gable and Dawson square off. Gable backed into the corner by Dawson. A few quick slaps to the face by Dawson and a bit of mind games. Quick chain wrestling now to a stand off. Mind games now by Gable and both teams meet face to face in the center of the ring. Dawson get the upper-hand after a good sequence. Gable makes the comeback and tags in Jordan. Jordan with the dropkick and Dawson is out of the ring. Dawson tries to makes a tag on the outside, realizes he can’t then goes in the ring and makes a tag to Wilder. Jordan and Gable both in the ring now to take out both members of The Revival. It’s now Wilder and Gable in the ring with Wilder getting the upper-hand and tagging in Dawson. Dawson gets Gable on the top-rope but Gable breaks free into a quick two-count. He goes to the top for a cross-body and another 2-count.The revival attempt a double-team which is intercepted by Jason Jordan who perform double German Suplexes. Both teams fighting on the outside now. Dawson makes a blind-tag to Wilder and Wilder clotheslines Gable’s head off outside, puts him back in the ring, and tags in Dawson again. 2-count for Dawson. Wilder back in now with a chin-lock on Gable. Crowd chanting “Let’s go Gable”. Gable trying for a comeback but Dawson is tagged back in. 2-count for Dawson. Gable rolls up Dawson out of a submission. The Revival attempt to double-team Gable but Gable get the double DDT. They pull Jordan off the apron as Gable goes for the tag. Double-team on Gable but Wilder tries to pin without being the legal man. Wilder and Gable in the ring, Wilder tags in Dawson. Gable still unable to tag Jordan. Jordan finally gets the tag and two huge suplexes on The Revival as the crowd comes unglued. Another suplex for a 2-count on Dawson Dawson to the top-rope, Jordan comes with him but is pushed off. Dawson goes for a dirty pin but only gets a 2-count. 2 more quick 2-counts with Gable making the save. Jordan now with a 2-count on Dawson as Gable dropkicks Wilder out of the ring. Jordan misses with a shoulder tackle and Gable tags himself in. Multiple near falls for both teams. Dawson and Gable are legal. Jordan with the blind-tag and a spear on Dawson in the corner. Grand Amplitude for the 3-count! We have NEW NXT Tag Team Champions. What a great match to get the crowd hyped up! Amercian Alpha finally capture the tag titles at long last.

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Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries

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Corbin comes out first to a chorus of boos. Aries is out next looking excited to get going. Aries attacks Corbin right away but Corbin tosses him into the opposite corner. Aries with lots of calculated kicks on Corbin. Corbin flings him off his back and misses with a clothesline. Aries with a rolling forearm and goes to the top-rope jumping onto Corbin on the outside. Back in the ring, Corbin flapjacks Aries into the top-rope. Big stomps to Aries by Corbin and Corbin taunts for the crowd. More stomps by Corbin. Aries gets choked by the bottom rope. Aries attempts a comeback but gets tossed into the ring post by Corbin. 2-count for Corbin. Long nerve-hold by Corbin on Aries. Aries with the comeback for a short moment while Corbin gets more punches in in the corner. 2-count again for Corbin. Corbin yelling to ring the bell with Aries down. Corbin continues to taunt the crowd as Aries attempts to make a comeback. Aries with chops in the corner and a huge diving forearm. Aries traps Corbin between the ropes and hammers away with punches and a jumping double-axe handle. Aries to the top-rope and a diving dropkick on Corbin. A running dropkick gets Corbin to the outside and Aries dives through the ropes and into Corbin. Corbin hits Deep Six on the outside and retreats to the ring. Aries gets in the ring at a count of 9. A battle of punches in the middle of the ring. Corbin goes for End of Days but gets rolled up for the 3-count! Aries beats Corbin and Corbin looks on in disbelief. This rivalry definitely isn’t over. What a great way to introduce Austin Aries to the NXT crowd and legitimize him as a threat.

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Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn

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Scott Hall and X-Pac are shown at ringside and Sami Zayn makes his way out first and the crowd is amped for the Canadian. Crowd chanting Nakamura before he even comes out! Nakamura is out next for his first match in NXT. Crazy strobe effect for this entrance and Nakamura is showing why he’s the King of Strong Style already. Crowd is going crazy for this one!! Nakamura/Sami Zayn chants drowning out the broadcast! Yes chants now! Nakamura ducks out of a lock up to a pop. Olé chants now competing with This is Awesome chants. They finally lock up into the ropes. Nakamura with the upper-hand. Zayn with the suplex and 2-count. Zayn with punches and chops in the corner. Zayn with the running dropkick and Nakumura is reeling into the corner. Dueling forearms now. Nakamura to the top-rope but gets knocked to the outside. Nakamura with a kick on the apron to Zayn and he pulls him out of the ring. Both men back in the ring. Zayn gets hung up on the top-rope and takes a running knee. Nakamura with the 2-count. Zayn ducks Nakamura and dives over the ropes to the outside on Nakamura but misses largely. Both men in the ring.  Zayn hit a diving cross-body for the 2-count. Nakamura gets dropped on his head hard. Now both men trade punches. Nakumura’s face is bloodied. Referee wipes away the blood. Zayn with a hug clothesline..twice. Nakamura reverses Zayn into the Armbar. Nakamura switches into a Triangle hold. Zayn get a 1-count and then gets out of it. Zayn with multiple kicks on the ropes. He locks in the Koji Clutch. Nakamura reverses into a 2-count. Nakamura hits an enzuguri. Nakamura with the Exploder suplex on Zayn. Zayn reverses into a Blue Thunder Bomb and the crowd goes wild. Both men to the outside. Zayn with the diving DDT through the ropes and gets a kick to the face. Zayn attempts to suplex Nakamura from the top-rope but he’s pushed off. Nakamura gets another exploder reversed and Nakamura with strong elbows to the head. Nakamura hit a big kick for the 3-count and his first win in NXT! The two-men shake hands and embrace in the ring. Huge Olé chant for Zayn on his way out.

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NXT Women’s Championship

Bayley [c] vs. Asuka

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Asuka is out first for this one. Bayley is out next to a big reaction. The two women lock up and Bayley has the upper-hand. Bayley gets a right to the nose. Bayley with the headlock, Asuka with the Shoulder Block. Asuka goes for a big kick but Bayley ducks away. Asuke hits the hip attack on Bayley and goes for another but gets caught in the ropes and Bayley hits the top-rope for a diving shoulder block and a 2-count. Bayley attacking Asuka in the corner but is sent to the outside apron. Bayley to the top-rope with a diving cross-body and a knee drop.  Auka makes a comeback and locks in the Armbar. Bayley makes it to the rope. Asuka is hung up in the tree of woe and Bayley hits the elbow drop for the 2-count. Asuka with a  kick in the corner and hits the second rope. Bayley with hurricanrana off the top and a near fall. Bayley with the submission on Asuka. Asuka spins out into the Anklelock. Bayley flips Asuka to the outside. Bayley selling the ankle now and jumping to the outside for another hurricanrana. Back in the ring and Bayley gets another 2-count. Auka with a quick dropkick and multiple kicks. Asuka with a quick jump off the irish whip into a diving dropkick from the second rope. Asuka with more kicks and knees and a 2-count on Bayley. Bayley counters for a false pin. Bayley with a back drop. Asuka counters with an enzuguri. Referee counting to 10 with both women. Both women up and miss a dropkick and punches back and forth. Bayley counters into an Anklelock and driving the knee into the mat. Bayley attacking the knee. Asuka counters into an Armbar. Bayley rolls out into a 2-count. Bayley with another near-fall off the small package. Bayley with a suplex into a 2-count. Asuka caught in a submissions and Bayley gets another 2-count. Asuka with some vicious kicks into a suplex. Asuka locks in the Armbar. Bayley gets up but can’t get to the ropes. Asuka locks in a sleeper. Bayley has been in the sleeper well over a minute. Bayley is out cold and Asuka is the new champion. What a way to crown a new champion! The crowd is silent.

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NXT Championship

[c] Finn Bàlor vs. Samoa Joe

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Bobby Roode is shown in the audience! Samoa Joe makes his way out to a loud Joe chant. The NXT Champion makes his way out next with a chainsaw (which doesn’t have a chain). Joe attacks Finn right away and send him to the outside, not once, but twice. Finn tosses Joe to the outside and then launches himself over the top rope at Joe. Joe is busted open and bleeding from the face. Joe launches Finn over the guard rail and throws away a towel to wipe away the blood. Finn springboards off the barricade at Joe and both men get back in the ring. Joe attacks Finn and Finn receives an enziguri on the apron and then Joe jumps through the ring ropes into the outside at Finn. Joe gets the eye looked at by the doctor on the outside much to the chagrin of the crowd. Both men are back in the ring and Joe continues the assault. Joe locks in the submission and Finn reverses it with a kick but Joe whips him into the corner and lands a big kick for the 2-count. Doctors once again looking at the eye of Joe. Joe back at Finn in the corner. Joe hits a big boot to the face to a seated Finn in the corner. Finn on the top rope now fighting away Joe but Joe continues assaulting Finn with kicks for a 2-count. Finn mounts some offence with a quick dropkick. Doctors again tending to the eye of the Joe with the audience saying “Let Them Bleed”. Finn finally mounting some offence with some chops corner to corner. Joe to the second rope but Finn hits a big kick sending him to the outside. Finn takes out Joe from the ring and then gives him an apron kick for his trouble. Both men back in the ring. Joe back in control after reversing the Slingblade. Joe went for the boot in the corner but Finn caught him with a Neckbreaker. Joe with a quick Senton Splash for two. Joe with a Powerbomb for the 2 count into a Boston Crab. Now Joe locks in the Crossface. Finn reverses that into a double stomp. Finn with a Slingblade. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster and hits it. Finn kicks out at 2 and a half! Both men trade punches and are down. They get up and Finn is mounting a comeback. Joe with the clutch out of nowhere and Finn reverses it into a quick pin for the 3-count and the win! Joe looks astonished that he just lost. Huge pop from the crowd as Finn Bàlor ends the show with the championship belt.

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Overall a great show to kick off Wrestlemania weekend. 2 new champions were crowned, Bobby Roode made an appearance, and there was a lot of intensity throughout!