TOKYO, JAPAN – July 21, 2016 – Game Arts announced today that their prestigious JRPG, Grandia III, is now available on the PlayStation® Store within the PS2 Classics on PlayStation® 3 for $9.99. Originally released for the PlayStation® 2 on February 14, 2006, Grandia III is the fourth installment in the timeless Grandia® series. This emotionally gripping, classic RPG embodies the full spirit of the Grandia® series with its flair for epic adventures, dramatic storytelling, character growth, gorgeous scenery, engaging and strategic combat, and unique food system.
Grandia III‘s ambitious story sets players in the role of the adventurous Yuki, an aspiring pilot who encounters Alfina, a Communicator that is capable of speaking with sacred beasts known as “The Guardians.” These Guardians are being hunted by an enigmatic, powerful antagonist who wishes to rid the world of their presence. Together, Yuki and Alfina journey to solve the mystery and, along the way, they are joined by a colorful cast of characters who will help them save the world.
  • A wondrous world with vibrant fantasy locals to explore
  • Unleash devastating attacks and magic in the ultimate action-battle system
  • Team up with energetic characters to perform stunning Aerial Combo attacks
  • Beautiful cinematic sequences, which are animated by hand without the use of motion capture
  • Seamless transitions from field screen to exhilarating battles with extravagant animations
  • Delightful music and soundtrack including the sensational theme song “In The Sky” performed by Japanese pop-rock artist Miz



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