A classic game from the PlayStation 2 era is making its way to the PlayStation 4 next week. Indigo Prophecy will be available on PS4 August 9th.

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, co CEO of Quantic Dream writes:

“We’re very excited to be releasing the PS2 to PS4 version of Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy on August 9 via PlayStation Store.

Indigo Prophecy was initially launched in 2005 in partnership with Atari. Looking back, I can say that our team’s serenity and faith in what we were creating was in direct opposition to the skepticism of a great number of people to whom we pitched the game.”

He went on to say:

“When the game launched, we were thrilled by the critical reception. The game became the best-reviewed adventure game since Grim Fandango. We received more than 50 accolades for Best Adventure Game, Best Story, Best Original Score, and even some Game of the Year awards. The game “found its audience” and became commercially successful, which enabled us to fund a prototype (The Casting, for those old enough to remember!) leading us to sign our next game with Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

indigo prophecy

Indigo Prophecy, in many ways, paved the way for Heavy Rain (released on PS3 in 2010, and on PS4 in 2016) and Beyond: Two Souls (PS3 in 2013 and PS4 in 2015). Most of the concepts found in its successors were invented during this game’s development: multiple characters, contextual gameplay mechanics, characters you can identify with, a cinematic experience (thanks to highly detailed environments), and beautiful music composed by Angelo Badalamenti and our dear late friend Normand Corbeil.

We hope you will enjoy this adapted version, lovingly crafted by our friends of the International Software Development Group at SIEA, which features the original game as well as a complete set of newly implemented Trophies.”

There you have it, another PS2 cult-classic is coming to PS4!


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