Here at FYIG, we come across some cool pieces of technology to pass along from time to time. This week, I came across a company called BauBax. BauBax has started a Kickstarter for what they call a “wireless charging ecosystem”. They’ve created a tiny, thin charge pad that can fit in pretty much anything allowing for wireless charging through wallets, clothes, and more. Check out these products here!

BauBax: Wireless Charging Apparel

  • Wireless charging ecosystem of apparel designed by the makers of the World’s Best Travel Jacket
  • Consists of 11 products that all work together as an ecosystem to charge devices without wires


  • Men’s and Women’s Outerwear: Bomber Jacket, Down Jacket, Sweatshirt and Vest available in black, blue and red. Sweatshirt also available in charcoal (starting at $139) Baubax
  • Men’s Jeans: Stylish blue jeans featuring the ability to charge users smartphone while in a pocket, available in comfort and slim fit (starting $89) Baubax
  • Men’s Chino Pants and Shorts: Fashionable pants and shorts featuring the ability to charge user’s smartphone while in the pocket, available in beige and black (starting at $69)



  • Men’s and Women’s Wallets: Slim and minimalistic wallets available in multiple different colors (starting at $19)


  • Women’s Wristlets: Supremely stylish wristlet features the ability to charge user’s smartphone;  Available in black, red and beige (starting at $59)
  • Battery Bank: 4,000 mAh providing all devices with power to last throughout the day (starting at $49)


  • Bluetooth Earphones: Sleek, Bluetooth earphones that feature the ability to charge with the outerwear; Available in corded and cordless (starting at $69)
  • iPhone Case: Slim, Qi-enabled phone case designed for iOS user’s, available in black and white (starting at $15)
The charging pad found inside BauBax Wireless Charging products.
  • Charging Pad: Available in both single and dual pads, features the ability to charge two devices at once ($29-$49)
  • Smartphone Charging Coins: Designed for both the Apple Watch and Android Qi Watches (starting at $39)
  • Pocket Blanket: Convenient accessory designed to easily accompany outerwear (starting at $15)
  • All garments are machine washable

As of writing, BauBax has reached $66,000 of their $100,000 goal with 22 days to go so it looks like this idea has a good chance of being successful. You can check out the rest of the products at the links below.

Available at:

Price: $15-$189 each



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