There’s a mysterious new Youtube game the has surfaced called, Find the Gold Bars. This one looks like it could be the Internet’s next great mystery!

The objective of Find the Gold Bars is to do just that. You start off with a 10 hour YouTube video that you have to watch. The gold bars will be hidden somewhere in the video, but you must be attentive or you could miss them. Theoretically, you could be sitting there watching this video for the full 10 hours before you actually find anything. I’ve been told that when you find them in the first video, you get sent to the next video and must find more gold bars. It’s unclear as of right now how many videos there are and exactly what the purpose of this game will be. One thing is for sure, the Internet loves a mystery. People are sure to be talking about this one for the next little while!

The first video is featured above!


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