TORONTO, ON—Nora is the first smart, non-invasive, snoring solution. Designed
in Toronto and San Francisco, Nora is a sleek pebble-shaped device that sits
on your bedside table and stops your snoring before your partner wakes up. The unique solution was inspired by the team’s understanding of how our bodies react to movement during sleep.

With more than 100 million snorers in North America, it is no surprise that constant sleep interruption is a major problem for countless couples. Despite the extensive market full of proposed snoring solutions, consumers are often at a loss when
it comes to finding an effective product without the use of invasive methods, like dentures or chin straps.

Snoring occurs as a result of the airways in our throats collapsing while our neck muscles relax during sleep. As you begin to snore, Nora silently and gently moves your head positioning using a lightweight, padded insert that sits under your pillow. This slight movement of the head stimulates the relaxed throat muscles allowing the airway to assume its natural position. The clever design eliminates the need for any contact with the user’s head or face.

“Designing a truly non-invasive snoring solution sounds like a contradiction, but
our insight into the body’s response to movement has made it possible to do exactly that,” said Behrouz Hariri, Co-founder and Product Lead for Nora. “The best part of the experience so far has been hearing the positive experience of our testers, knowing we have provided a solution that gives them their silent nights back, often after years of sleeping along a snoring partner.”

Nora—User Testimonials

Nora will ship with a mobile app providing valuable insight into users’ snoring and sleep patterns. Integration with Apple’s HealthKit is on the horizon and will provide the opportunity to analyze the data and alert users if they need to consult with their doctor based on patterns that signal medical problems.


  • Detects early sounds of snoring and gently moves the pillow of the snorer without waking them up, allowing the snorer and their partner to sleep uninterrupted
  • Unique design keeps all electronics away from user’s head, ensuring a natural and restful sleep
  • Designed to work with your current pillow and in any sleep position
  • Conforms to your individual sleep environment and can be personalized for people with different sensitivity levels to noise
  • iOS companion app provides valuable insights into snoring and sleep patterns allowing users to see the effects of Nora over time:
  • Portable and lightweight softcase equipped with two sets of batteries
  • During normal use at home, Nora doesn’t need to be recharged for at least two weeks
  • While traveling, the whole unit can be used entirely on battery for 3 nights
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 1 year limited warranty included

Nora is available for pre-orders ($259 USD) now and will ship in 2016.


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