Subsiege – previously known as Submerge – is an online strategy game based on the Unreal Engine which requires skilled controls and complex tactical knowledge. The game is set in a refreshing and visually stunning deep sea setting. Subsiege is a new approach to the modern MOBA/RTS playstyle and combines classic RTS with competitive MOBA-gameplay. The aim is to create a challenging and rewarding gaming experience that demands elaborate maneuvers, skilled reactions and predictive strategies.


The main attraction of Subsiege, when compared to other representatives of the classic MOBA genre, is that you have to control multiple units simultaneously while keeping your eye on the pressure level of your shrinking oxygen resources.

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Barricading yourself isn’t an option as you are only able to get hold of the essential resource through active scouting and offensive plays. Command your handpicked squad in an RTS-style while fighting off other players on persistent servers. But it’s not all about your rivals… the sunken battlegrounds hold their own dangers: Toxic coral reefs, lethal fauna and deadly creatures of the depths handicap those travelling underwater.

More info about Subsiege will be available soon.


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