Summoners Fantasy, a new free-to-play tactical TCG, is hitting the App Store on August 11th!

Venture into the mystical land of Alpha Terra, where legends are told of the Master Summoner — a mighty being who sealed Gods, Demons, and other beasts into magical cards. Preserving the Master’s legacy, Summoners across the land duel each other for the right to become the next Master Summoner.

In Summoners Fantasy, challenge your opponents to duels using your collection of monsters and deities in a fight to control the most spaces on a battle grid. Each card has four numbers representing its strength. Players place cards on the grid, which makes them attack adjacent cards. If the attacking card has a higher strength value, it wins the battle — and converts the enemy card to your team!

Summoners Fantasy features four different game modes:

*   NORMAL: Players place cards and duel for ownership of the battlefield.
*   VEIL: The strength values of cards on the battlefield are hidden — and the only way to discover their power is to place a card next to them and hope your card is strong enough.
*   ELEMENTS: The battlefield is enhanced with elemental effects that your cards can use to buff (or debuff) themselves.
*   ENGAGED: Cards automatically attack any adjacent cards — which can trigger devastating chain reactions across the grid.

Strategic placement is everything. Some cards will have a single strong number — making them perfect to take on a particular card but also leaving them open to retaliation on their weaker sides. It’s also possible to sell unneeded cards for Essence, which you can then use to power-up your favorite creatures. You can even combine cards or grant them special bonuses with Gems and Runes to make them more effective.

*   Enjoy hand-drawn cards and an original music score
*   Rise above your peers with a four-way battle system
*   Test your skills and face human opponents in real-time PvP battles
*   Evolve cards through experimentation and practice to make them your own
*   Stay on your toes with four unique gameplay modes

Summoners Fantasy will be available for free on the App Store on August 11th. Players can buy Gems through in-app purchases that can be used for in-game items and cards.


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