Ubisoft is expanding on their open-world racing game, The Crew, with a brand new expansion called, Calling All Units. Calling All Units will be part of a brand new Ultimate bundle releasing in November. Ubisoft did a Q&A to answer some questions people may have about this new experience for The Crew. Read all about it inside!

What new elements is The Crew Calling All Units bringing to The Crew?
The Crew Calling All Units offers players a new exciting choice: play either cop or racer, both will have a deep impact on the way players experience the game and roam the open world.

Players will be introduced to the brand new police vs racer gameplay through a 12 mission story that will allow them to build up their own cop style and tactics, ride in fully tuned police vehicles and collect new parts, vehicles and XP.

Another key element of this new extension is how the chase gameplay impacts the freedrive experience: concretely, racers can trigger a pursuit anywhere on our huge map, anytime. This constant open world face-off will without a doubt lead to some intense multiplayer fun!

Additionally, with the release of The Crew Calling All Units, the level cap will be raised to 60 for all The Crew players, whether they own the expansion or not.

How does a typical Cops Vs. Racers chase work? What kind of special abilities can we expect to get?

Racers will want to look for crates scattered around the map: they contain all kinds of rewards and their position is renewed daily, so they’ll have to check them out as often as possible.

Every time a racer picks up a crate, a chase is triggered and both cops AI and players are alerted. That means that a chase can be either PvE or PvP, but either way, no racer will ever go unnoticed. Plus, any player – cop or racer – can hop in a chase anytime, so a pure PvE chase may turn into PvP at any moment!

The goal for cops is to catch the player carrying the crate, while other racers help them escape. Each side has a set of special abilities to spice up the race: for example cops can block their target’s speed or shut down all controls with an electromagnetic pulse, while racers get a blinding flashbang and temporary unlimited nitro, among other cool gadgets.

One of the great things of having this gigantic open world as playground is that chases can occur anywhere, anytime: through the city streets of New York on a busy morning, with the snow sticking to the tires in the Rockies or riding off to the sunset in the swampy Everglades. Plus, with changing terrains comes a matching set of vehicles, with their own style and sensations.

All of that contributes to making each chase unique and highly replayable, especially since some parameters are completely random and unpredictable.

Will players have access to more abilities that can usually be found in classical cop vs racer games, like road block or back-up?

Additional new abilities will be revealed in the months leading up to launch this November. We feel that we’ve managed to find the right amount of special abilities for the best gameplay – one that would allow players to build up strategies and handle the pursuit in very different ways, while being accessible and fun to players who aren’t familiar with the game yet.

Will there be exclusive vehicles for cops/racers? Will they be customizable?

There will be new exclusive cop and racer vehicles, as well as brand new rides available on both sides of the law. Cops will also have access to vehicles from The Crew and The Crew Wild Run, like the popular Lamborghini Aventador or the Hummer H1 Alpha, fully tuned up with police livery and light bar.

Do players need to complete The Crew to access The Crew Calling All Units gameplay and content?

No, players can access the new cop missions as well as the freeride gameplay right after our Prologue that serves as an introduction to the game basics.

What will The Crew players see during their gaming session if they don’t buy The Crew Calling All Units?

First of all, players will benefit from the level cap raise and be able to reach level 60. They will also have total access to the racer gameplay, including all special abilities, unlimited freedrive chases and a new heat map providing them with the crates’ daily location. They will also get a glimpse of the cop gameplay and mood by playing the prologue mission of The Crew Calling All Units.

Will the gamers who don’t own The Crew main game yet be able to buy and play The Crew Calling All Units?

Gamers will need to have the base game The Crew in order to play The Crew Calling All Units, and they will have two ways to enjoy this experience on November 29, 2016:
1. By purchasing digitally The Crew Calling All Units Expansion
2. Or by purchasing the digital or retail version of The Crew Ultimate Edition that includes:
– The original The Crew game
– The Crew Wild Run expansion
– The Crew Calling All Units expansion
– The Crew Season Pass vehicles with their customization options

Will The Crew Calling All Units come free with the Season Pass?

. The Crew Season Pass does not include any vehicles or content from The Crew Calling All Units expansion. However, the Racer’s chase gameplay will be free for all owners of The Crew, regardless of if they own the Season Pass or any expansions.

When will The Crew Calling All Units and The Crew Ultimate Edition be released?

The Crew Calling All Units and The Crew Ultimate Edition will both be released on November 29, 2016.


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