Today, we have a review on a new line of headphones¬†from House of Marley. We’ll see if these Nesta headphones are worth taking a chance on.

Headphones are something that virtually everyone needs these days. No matter who you are, you most certainly have some type of connected device that will require headphones at some point. Not all headphones are created equal, though. A pair of dollar store headphones is vastly different from a pair of more expensive headphones. Sometimes it’s hard to balance price with functionality, but House of Marley seems to have found a happy medium with their new Nesta headphones.

When you first open the box of Nesta headphones, you’re greeted with the headphones themselves, equipped with a pair of headphone covers and a few other sizes of headphone covers and a travel pouch on the side. The few different sizes of covers are pretty standard in most packages, but they’re definitely helpful if you find the standard size keeps falling out of your ear or is too big for your ear.

The headphones themselves are nicely crafted and made out of zirconia ceramic. They’re ergonomically angled which is a first for me. The angle made them the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. After hours of use, it still felt as though I had just put them in which is a huge plus. The tangle-free cable is another big positive because no matter how jumbled the cable gets, I never have to spend 5 minutes untangling it. It also feels sturdier than regular stock cables. I take headphones everywhere, so it’s nice not to worry that your cord is going to split open or pull out of the connector. There’s even a three-button remote on the microphone for easy volume and mute control. The craftsmanship is¬†very impressive in all facets of the design.

A lot of headphones can claim to be well-made, but don’t pass the sound test. I can say that the Nesta headphones don’t have this problem. If I had to use one word to describe the sound quality, it would be clarity. There was definitely a lot of time put into making these headphones sound better than the competition. There isn’t any noticeable distortion. I tested these headphones on calls and with music and they have become my go-to pair for both. The only thing I would like to see is a bit more bass, but it’s by no means not enough.

The Nesta headphones are a great addition to anyone’s collection. At $49.99 USD, they’re an affordable quality option for anyone and I highly recommend them.

* House of Marley provided a pair of Nesta headphones to FYIG for review purposes*


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