This week’s episode of NXT (9/21/2016) had some great matches featuring the debut of Cedric Alexander and the return of Billie Kay after not seeing her for weeks. Check out all our thoughts inside!

Samoa Joe

Just a week after destroying Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa¬†Joe came out and exerted his dominance once again. Joe threatened the entire NXT roster if Regal didn’t award him the NXT Championship. I have a feeling Joe is undergoing yet another deeper evolution to his character with even more aggression. If you followed Joe in TNA, he was most successful when his character had that edge to it. It seems as the Joe is finding that edge in NXT.

Joe is a different animal. He, for the most part, is a lone wolf. Joe takes care of himself and himself alone. I think there’s a lot that could be done with him on the main roster. Could you imagine a Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar match? That could be one of the biggest matches in WWE if it was built properly. Both Brock and Joe are similar individuals, who would come out on top with all things being even?

I’m not saying that match would ever happen and a lot of people would think that wouldn’t work anyways, but this is the food for thought that we’re going to have to start thinking about. Guys like Aries, Joe, and Nakamura aren’t going to be in NXT forever.

Liv Morgan

We’ve been hearing a lot from Liv the last few weeks. She’s been on quite a roll and is next in line for Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship. Liv did a quick¬†backstage promo on not backing down from any “chick” and then came face to face with the Champion. Looks like these two will face-off next week in a match. I’m excited to see how Liv will fare against someone as stiff as Asuka in the ring.

Oney Lorcan

We see Oney Lorcan occasionally on NXT TV and each time he seems to put on a pretty good showing. He had a really strong showing against Austin Aries before tapping out to the Last Chancery. Oney got in a lot of offense and was incredibly aggressive on Aries. I could see Oney becoming a big deal in NXT if they invest in him. I really thought he had Aries a couple times!

Austin Aries

As much as Oney Lorcan did amazingly well, I also have to say that Austin Aries made him look incredible. Aries is so good at everything he does that he makes everything look effortless. Aries has so much experience and he does the little things so well. He went for a back elbow off the top rope and literally re-adjusted in the air to make it perfect. Aries could easily carry NXT on his back right now, but he’s helping out a lot of younger talent. I love that NXT uses the veterans in this way. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to learn from some of the names that are in NXT right now.

Aries called out Hideo Itami after the match only to jump from the ring when he came out. The head games that are going on in this feud have been great thus far. I think that when these two finally lock up, it’s going to be a show-stealer. They’re two of the best in NXT and both seem to be highly motivated to take things to new heights.

Aliyah/Billie Kay

Aliyah battled Billie Kay on this week’s NXT and it was rather hard to figure out if she was supposed to be heel or face. Both girls seemed as if they were playing heel. My one criticism of Aliyah is that she will look like a face one moment and a heel the next. It seems like she has a hard time differentiating her tactics. I think she’s been steadily improving in that area, but it’s still confusing. Yes, there is a gray area, but most people don’t smile and stuff for their entrance and then beat on someone in an evil way.

It was nice to see Billie Kay. I don’t think we’ve seen her since Takeover which is quite a while. Billie didn’t get a whole lot in, but she pulled out the victory with her big boot. I still think that’s an interesting finisher for a female and I like it a lot. Billie’s entrance music is among the top in NXT. That music creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose apparently doesn’t think Ember Moon is cut out for NXT. This could be Mandy’s first big feud in NXT. That’s a pretty tall order considering Ember Moon’s short, but successful track record. I’m pulling for Mandy, she’s obviously been working hard to become a Superstar and I hope that she can add something to the NXT Women’s Division shortly.

Andrade Almas/Cedric Alexander

Andrade Almas has been stuck in a perilous rut lately. It seems that no matter what the talented wrestler does, it’s not really appreciated. He’s been one of the most solid in-ring workers NXT has. The problem with Almas is that he has no way of really connecting with the crowd via a promo. This isn’t a death knell for a performer, but it is something he has to overcome.

Cedric had an amazing match and this looks like it’s only the beginning for the crowd-favourite. These two pulled out all the stops and had all kinds of high spots en-route to Cedric scoring the pinfall. This was obviously a huge victory for Cedric and I have to think he could be in line for big things in NXT after that. I think it was a smart signing to make. He went move for move with Almas without getting left behind which is saying something. Almas goes a mile-a-minute and anyone that can keep up with him deserves to be there. I’m excited about what Cedric Alexander can bring to the table.


It was another good week of NXT TV this week. It’ll be nice to finally see Asuka wrestle next week and to figure out what Sanity is sooner or later. Until next week!



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