This week’s NXT (9/28/2016) featured Liv Morgan facing Asuka, the formation of a “Perfectly Glorious” new tag-team, and so much more. Check out our thoughts inside!

Tye Dillinger

As Tye was dominating Angelo Dawkins in the opening match on NXT, I began to think that Tye was kind of directionless. By the end of the match, I realized how that was about to change. Bobby Roode’s music hit and he came through with an interesting proposition. Bobby wants to team up with Dillinger for this year’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic. Tye accepted the lucrative offer and it looks like Perfectly Glorious is born!

Tye Dillinger has been a consistently solid performer in NXT. He gets some of the best crowd reactions out of anyone there. I believe that Tye is ready for the next step up. Personally, I would have liked to see Dillinger get into the NXT Championship picture, but that’s crowded with Joe and Nakamura right now. NXT would do well to have a mid-car title for stars like these. I think that would go a long way to legitimize up and coming stars. Only so many people can be the NXT Champion.

Bobby Roode is a tag-team specialist if there ever was one. He was a part of the very successful Beer Money with James Storm as well as The Dirty Heels with Austin Aries. I’m a little hesitant to put Roode with Tye right away because Bobby has so much momentum, however, this is a huge opportunity for Tye. I feel like this could be the stepping stone for Dillinger to go on to even greater things. I’m certainly excited to see what these two can do together.

Hideo Itami

I like the fact that, despite not having perfect English, that Hideo Itami has been cutting some rather decent promos lately. Hideo and Austin Aries continued their feud on this episode with Aries attacking Itami after his match with Lince Dorado. This feud gets more personal by the week. I really think these two are going to tear the house down when they lock up.

Mandy Rose

For having only a year of experience, Mandy Rose has really come along in NXT. I think her heel persona is coming out nicely. She seems very confident in the ring and looks like she’s been doing it a lot longer than she has. She still has quite a ways to go in the ring as evidenced¬†by her match with Ember Moon. Ember ended up with a bloody mouth and had to work at times to make everything look proper. If Mandy was given more TV time, I think she could become one of the better heel women over time. This was a start and it was a very decent showing. Long story short, Mandy didn’t look out of place and I can see her starting to rise in the ranks of the Women’s Division in the coming months.

Long story short, Mandy didn’t look out of place and I can see her starting to rise in the ranks of the Women’s Division in the coming months. I fear that Mandy will get the same stigma Eva Marie has simply because of Total Divas. I hope the fans give her the opportunity to show what she can do before passing judgment.


Asuka beat Liv Morgan in record time this week. I really expected a bit better of a showing from Liv, but I imagine that there’s a bigger picture here. Asuka said that no one is ready to face her before leaving the ring. I think we can all genuinely agree that that’s 100% true. NXT has been depleted of established women and it will take time before someone can truly step up. I can’t even imagine who will climb up to challenge now. Maybe Liv will come back with a vengeance and challenge for the title? Though after tonight, that really seems unlikely. Billie Kay…Peyton Royce…who knows?

Authors of Pain

The Authors of Pain continued their path of destruction on NXT. That wasn’t the notable thing, though. Paul Ellering actually talked! Paul said that the first chapter was the arrival. The next chapter will unleash a plethora of pain. I don’t know what this means for the rest of NXT, but it’s safe to assume that these two are going to run roughshod all over the tag-team division. The Revival might be looking at the next challengers to their tag-titles.

Quick Notes

I love Ember Moon. She’s one of the best new characters NXT has had in a long time. There’s an aura when she enters the ring. That’s not something you can teach and it’s a rarity in wrestling. If anyone is going to challenge Asuka, she should be the one.

Lince Dorado added some Cruiserweight flair to NXT this week. Lince was one of the competitors in the CWC and should be a great addition to the roster.

Blake and Murphy continue to bicker. I really have no idea what’s going on with these two.

Joe destroyed the debuting Ealy Twins before their match with The Revival that never happened. He put everyone else on notice and The Revival were smart enough to get out of there unscathed.


It was an interesting week of NXT TV. The tag tournament begins next week and we have the Sanity teaser looming over everything. Things are about to get interesting!


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