This week’s edition of Raw (9/26/2016) featured two Cruiserweight matches! We’ll talk about those as well as a new tag-team, The New Day, and a ton more.


Reigns and Rusev did battle over the United States Championship once again on Raw. I like quick rematches for titles as I feel it plants a seed of doubt on who will walk away with the title. I think that seed of doubt was non-existent last night, though. As I’ve said before, I like this feud between these two. Reigns is on another level right now and no one can, in good conscience, say that he isn’t a talented wrestler. Roman can put together a solid run with this title and then go on to the Universal Title once he’s proven to have a clean track record again. I’d much rather see Roman as a heel, but for right now, he’s doing just fine.

Rusev did just about as much as he could with the title and it was time for a change. I’m really not sure where he can go from here. The Universal Title picture seems pretty cluttered. I feel like Rusev could fall into the rut that Sami Zayn is climbing out of. It’s hard to utilize all of this quality talent in the correct way all the time. I feel like the Raw creative team is doing a decent job fitting everyone in regardless. Perhaps it’s time for Rusev to have a face run. He’s one guy that has never ben good and it could potentially take him to bigger heights.


Cesaro and Sheamus joined Mick Foley in the ring and both stated their case for the title opportunity previously promised. Mick came up with an outside the box idea; have both men team together for a Raw Tag-Team Championship shot. Both men were furious at this. I had a hunch this was what they were going to try to do with this best of 7 series. I feel a lot better about the non-finish at Clash of Champions with this development. It’s a good way to add a new tag-team to the rotation and give these two guys something to do for the near-future. The creative teams are going to have to get experimental with things like this with so many stars on the roster. Sheamus and Cesaro would go on to beat a couple of local competitors in a quick, fun match.

Gallows/Anderson & The New Day

I suspected that Gallows and Anderson would get another title shot on Raw after The New Day used Francesca for the win last night. Gallows and Anderson continued their dominance on The New Day controlling most of the match. This is the first time we’ve really gotten to see how good Karl Anderson is for a continuous set of matches. Anderson was a highlight at Clash of Champions and on Raw. Amazingly enough, The New Day won again. I’m honestly livid that Anderson and Gallows somehow lost again. There was no reason for The New Day to keep the titles past this 400th day. ScreenGurus posted a great article summing up how The New Day is killing the Raw Tag Team Division

ScreenGurus posted a great article summing up how The New Day is killing the Raw Tag Team Division here. Basically, if one team has beaten the whole roster of teams and made legitimately good teams look weak (Dudleys, Gallows and Anderson, etc), who else is left to take the titles? No one. It’s becoming tough to care about the tag division when The New Day is the only team winning matches. Make no mistake, The New day deserves it but, it is time for something new.

Bayley vs. Anna Fields

Bayley defeated Anna Fields (local competitor) with the Bayley to Belly. After the match, Bayley talked about not stopping until she’s “hugging that Women’s Championship”. It was a nice short way to keep Bayley fresh in everyone’s minds.

Mick Foley/Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon may have delivered her most convincing performance yet in defending herself to Mick Foley and then deflecting the blame onto him. I’m still not sold on this whole thing, but I’m sure more will be revealed in the coming weeks. I really feel as though Stephanie will be part of this whole conspiracy with Triple H in the end.

Swan/Alexander vs. Gulak/Dorado

What a great call to have a Cruiserweight tag team match after all the singles matches of the CWC. I love these Cruiserweight matches. This is something WWE was sorely missing. These guys are incredibly talented and do things that some fans have probably never seen before. These four guys put on a fantastic showing with Alexander and Swan coming out victorious.


Is there a better woman in WWE right now than Charlotte? I think not. As much as I love Sasha, Bayley, or Becky, there’s always Charlotte standing at the top. Charlotte has carried that Championship for over a year with a little hiccup to Sasha over the summer. I’ve appreciated the growth Charlotte has undergone during that time and her promo on Raw said it better than I ever could. It looks like Sasha will get her rematch next week and Charlotte will likely drop the title at that point. No matter what happens, Charlotte has helped put the Women’s Division on the map and nobody can underestimate how important she’s been.

TJ Perkins/Tony Nese

I’m loving the introductory videos they have for each of the Cruiserweights. It’s nice to know that WWE cares about making each of these guys relatable to the crowd. Tony Nese came out with some powerful offense. WWE seems to have a nice mix in the CW Division. Nese is incredibly quick to add to his powerful arsenal. Perkins wins with a Kneebar, however, Nese had a considerably better showing on this night. Perkins will face Kendrick in a title match next week.


Jericho’s list may be the most over thing in wrestling right now. Couple that with Jericho saying he was Santa and that he was going to sit on the lap of Big Cass. You can’t make this stuff up. These four have the craziest promo time. Owens and Jericho beat Enzo and Cass in a match that didn’t accomplish a whole lot.


I don’t know what it is about the Raw brand, but they can make a fairly good show only to end it with something insignificant. The main event match was decent, but where are we really going with it? It didn’t further anything and Raw ended with a whimper. The injury to Seth Rollins certainly didn’t help tonight’s show. He was seen for a total of 2 minutes.



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