This week’s SmackDown (9/13/16) started off the road to No Mercy. This week we’ll talk about AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss, and much more.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles was his usual confident self this past week on SmackDown. AJ talked about doing everything he said he was going to do. Styles talked about wild things like, “if I gave you the lottery numbers, you’d be a millionaire” and, “if I tell you the sky is green, there’s no need to look”. This is the type of stuff that makes AJ’s character so compelling to watch. I remember that previously, many critics knocked AJ’s ability on the microphone. I feel like his promos have only added to his character, especially lately.

Now that Styles is WWE Champion, I really am anticipating what type of a reign he will have. It’s always hard when a popular Superstar gets the title for the first time. You never quite know how long they’ll get to hold the title and make their reign memorable. I feel like they already started him off badly with the low blow victory that has been mentioned time after time. I’m hoping that AJ gets a pinfall victory over one of Ambrose or Cena clean at No Mercy to solidify his place as champion.

Whatever happens with AJ, he’s had a better run in WWE thus far than even the most die-hard fan thought he could. It’s nice to see how much hard work is paying off in WWE these days.

The Usos

Many people forget about how The Usos started their run in WWE as heels and that they were rather effective in that role. Jimmy and Jey were faces for so long that I think that period fell off the radar. I have been a big supporter of a heel turn for this duo as they had done just about all they could as the good guys. I got tired of their gimmick of coming out and doing their chant and the pyro. It was time for a change.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve seen a new intensity out of The Usos that they couldn’t bring to the table as faces. These two have been ruthless and are out to hurt. They’ve become an interesting team again simply by ditching everything they were known for. It’s crazy how what got you to the dance in WWE only keeps you there for so long. Fans want fresh and exciting teams and Superstars. By ditching the colourful paint, the pyro, and the flashy approach, these two have become one of the most interesting teams in the SmackDown tag-team division. This team is too talented to be anywhere else but at the top of the tag-team title hunt.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss had a great week on SmackDown! After debuting her new Harley Quinn-inspired look at Backlash and coming up short, she was slotted in a Fatal 5 Way Number One Contender’s Match on SmackDown. Alexa ended up stealing a victory from Carmella over Nikki Bella and becoming the number one contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Alexa was a surprising choice, but a very good one. Bliss is a fairly underrated wrestler at this point in her career and she can certainly turn some heads.

On Talking Smack after Smackdown, Alexa really let out some of her personality and came off incredibly well-spoken. She talked about her small stature and having less wrestling experience than the others not being a factor. Alexa also talked about having to compete and train for the majority of her life for gymnastics and cheerleading. She showed her intelligence and I honestly liked her interview the best out of any of Talking Smack thus far.

Alexa seems to have to defend herself far too much. She’s always written-off before she’s given a chance even going back to NXT. The fact of the matter is that Alexa has every tool required to be SmackDown Women’s Champion. She is full of personality and is as athletic as anyone on the women’s roster. I would not be surprised for her to shock the world and win the title at No Mercy.

Quick Notes

Carmella continues to impress me more and more each week. This girl has some serious personality. Give her a microphone! In fact, give all of these women a microphone.

Speaking of the women, are we ever going to stop with the 5-way and 6-way matches? At some point there either need to be more women brought to the main roster or a little separation from those in the title hunt and those that aren’t.

Where does Randy Orton go from here? Does The Viper have another title run on the horizon after his feud with Bray Wyatt or will he continue to be featured in random feuds.

Jack Swagger is the newest member of SmackDown and he wants you to forget everything you know about him. Unfortunately, he’s been absent so often that most people probably have. He interrupted Baron Corbin’s beatdown of Crews. I could definitely get behind this feud.

James Ellsworth is a made man after this week.

Dean Ambrose is showing a great side of his character and I’m really hoping he continues to show this edge.

The Miz and AJ Styles creating a heel stable could be insanely successful if they added a third like-minded individual. These two have way too much in common for this to be a one-off. Miz and Ziggler will also battle over the IC title again. I’m pretty tired of seeing that feud. I just don’t like the dynamic between those two guys for whatever reason.

John Cena has been far more entertaining during his latest run. Maybe it’s just easier to find him enjoyable when he isn’t in every segment of the show twice a week.

Curt Hawkins finally showed his face…on video.


This week’s SmackDown (9/13/16) started the road to No Mercy. There’s a lot to be determined until then, but things seem to be slowly starting to take shape.



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