This week’s edition of NXT featured a lot of rising stars with the likes of Ember Moon, TM61, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, and Steve Cutler all getting in some matches. We’ll talk about all that and much more in this edition of This Week in WWE.

TM61 vs. Nese/Daivari


The Cruiserweight Classic has brought some fantastic wrestling to NXT in the last few months. Wrestlers like Rich Swann and Kota Ibushi have made appearances in the past and this week, we got to see Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari.

Sometimes, you just want a good wrestling match without much of a story and that’s what we got out of this one. The athleticism of these four men made this one a great match to see. The thing I love about NXT is that it usually starts with a good wrestling match, something to get you into the next hour of programming. I’m someone who likes promos a lot too, but it’s nice to have a fast-paced start to the show with some frantic action.

TM61 continues to impress me a lot week in and week out. Shane Thorne and Nick Miller have certainly made a good impression on the audience too because they seem to be behind them. I really think it comes down to circumstance right now with TM61. It looks as though The Revival are being built up to face The Authors of Pain at some point, possibly even at Takeover: Toronto. I would almost think that TM61 should be brought up to the Raw brand to add something different to that tag-team scene rather than wait their turn in NXT. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for these two, but it’s looking pretty bright.


Is there anything Asuka doesn’t have going for her at the moment? Asuka has been the NXT Women’s Champion since Takeover: Dallas in April. She hasn’t faced a serious threat other than Bayley in her entire NXT career while going undefeated. The women’s division in NXT has been under-going somewhat of a rebuild lately with new faces like Liv Morgan, Billie Kay, Ember Moon, and others leading the charge. Asuka definitely needs to close this year out strong in NXT to keep the division afloat while new stars are born. I’m envisioning an Ember Moon vs. Asuka match for the championship before long. It may not happen at Takeover: Toronto, but it won’t be long after that.

Ember Moon


Speaking of Ember Moon, she had a match with Leah Von on this week’s edition of NXT picking up the win. All I kept thinking was, “this character is cool”. There’s something about Ember Moon’s character that gets the crowd behind her instantly. She’s very different from the rest of the roster in that she has a certain mystique when she comes to the ring. The red contacts, hood, and mouth cover all add to the mystery. That’s what you notice BEFORE she gets in the ring. When she actually gets in there and mixes it up with someone, you see how special Ember Moon will become to NXT and WWE in general.

WWE used to make characters out of people that had very little personality. You’d get a person who couldn’t wrestle playing a good character or a person who could wrestle playing a bad character. Right now, WWE (and NXT specifically) seems to focus on building a character that fits the person and that makes so much difference in the success of a Superstar.

Ember Moon is quickly becoming one of my favourites in NXT and I really hope she is given every opportunity to succeed. It’s rare for females in wrestling to have a character with presence. I think that was a product of women’s wrestling being pushed so far down the priority line for so long. That’s changing now and we are seeing some phenomenal females changing the landscape of what was the norm. I can’t wait to see the things that Ember Moon will accomplish in NXT. We’ve only seen her twice, but my expectations are certainly high. That top-rope sit-out cutter is pretty amazing too!

Quick Notes/Conclusion

Steve Cutler was featured on NXT TV again this week. It’s great to see Steve get a shot in the main event against the NXT Champion. Steve is part of the new wave of NXT talent looking to make a splash and he is really starting to make a name for himself.

Austin Aries secured a victory over Andrade Almas this week and he looks like he could be making a case for an NXT title shot before long. I’d personally like to see a Triple Threat NXT Title match after so many one-on-one matches in recent months.

Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind adding a second hour to NXT? I look forward to NXT the most out of any show WWE offers each week even though it’s taped.

Overall, it was a pretty decent show this week and I enjoyed seeing TM61 and Ember Moon after not seeing them for a few weeks. The landscape in NXT should start to take shape over the next few weeks ahead of Takeover: Toronto in November.


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