This week’s Raw had Seth Rollins looking for revenge as well as an appearance from “The Boss” Sasha Banks to address her injury. We’ll take a look at those segments and so much more from the 9/6/2016 edition of Raw.

Stephanie McMahon

Raw started off with a segment from earlier in the day between Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon. The whole premise of this segment was that Stephanie was not aware of what Triple H was going to do last week. This point looks like it’s going to be teased until Clash of the Champions at this point. The problem I have with all of this is that there are only two directions for this story to go. The first outcome is The Authority 2.0 with Kevin Owens playing the role that Seth Rollins played. The second outcome is for Stephanie to become a huge face and take on Triple H in a power struggle. The second outcome is the far better option. Raw has been far better without The Authority it had run its course. Now, of course, there could be variations to these two stories. Stephanie could end up taking a back seat at some point and this could be the set-up to it. Steph has three little girls at home and you have to think that she won’t be an on-screen character forever. I will say that Stephanie continues to be one of the most interesting characters on the show and one of the hardest to read. She can switch personas at a moment’s notice like very few others in WWE. She evokes emotion, good or bad. Wherever this story is going, she seems to be the focal point.

Seth Rollins

Seth had a fantastic match with Chris Jericho tonight and is showing fire that he somewhat lacked after coming back from injury. I’m glad that Seth is being able to stand on his own now. I hated that he was involved with The Authority before his injury. Seth has always been way too good not to stand on his own. I hope that we’re seeing the slow face turn of Rollins as I believe he could be the next big good guy in WWE. If you look at people like The Rock and Stone Cold, they had very successful heel runs before turning face and taking things to new heights. I’m not saying Seth is on that level, I’m not saying he isn’t though. He has all the tools to be the best entertainer on the roster. The bigger story arc here stands to benefit The Architect and I’m hoping to see him lead the crusade on the good side if this becomes a war of factions. Rollins had the Universal Title taken away from him and you can be sure that that will be a main point over the next month.


Has there been a better women’s début in recent memory than Bayley? She’s been on fire ever since her first appearance on Raw. I’ve been expecting that momentum to fade and for her to take a loss, but we’ve been spoiled with a handful of wins from her in recent weeks. The run Bayley has had from the start of her run in NXT until now has been nothing short of incredible. If by chance Bayley is able to get a Raw Women’s Title shot (which after beating Charlotte on Raw, she should) and win the title, it will be the greatest feel-good story in recent memory. It’s been great to watch Bayley translate seamlessly to Raw from NXT.

Bo Dallas

I Bo-lieve! Bo Dallas finally reverted back to his most successful character on Raw and got a squash victory over Kyle Roberts. I love this character and I’m so happy that Bo has been able to bring it back. Many forget Bo was NXT Champion for a lengthy amount of time and had a lot of hype coming up to WWE. His character didn’t catch on as well as it should of mostly because creative gave up on it in short order. Now WWE seems to be giving more of an opportunity to everyone to develop their characters and Bo looked very convincing in his match. Building Bo Dallas up could go a long way to bringing some more depth to the mid-card at the very least.

Enzo and Cass

These two received one of the loudest pops I’ve heard in a long time when they interrupted The Shining Stars on Raw. Enzo and Cass continue to get in the good graces of the crowd with their charisma. There aren’t many people on the roster who can hold a crowd on the edge of their seat like these two. The Shining Stars stole one against them on this night, but you can’t deny the momentum. I see a battle with Gallows and Anderson for the tag-titles if The Club wins them at Clash of Champions.

Braun Strowman & Nia Jax

Well it looks like these two are going to start seeing some legitimate competition in the coming weeks with Strowman defeating Sin Cara and Nia having an altercation with Alicia Fox. I’d love to see how things are going to ramp up for these two!

Sasha Banks

Sasha scared me half to death on Monday night when she teased retirement. It was at that point when I realized how important The Boss has been to the Women’s Division on Raw. Sasha has worked her way to the top on Raw and to think that she could have had her career cut short was a devastating thought. Luckily, Dana Brooke came out and got The Banks Statement for her trouble and Sasha confirmed she would be coming for the championship at Clash of the Champions. Could this end up being a Triple Threat Match between Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha? I could definitely see a case being made for that. Perhaps Dana could even come into the mix? There’s a lot to be sorted out.

Quick Notes/Conclusion

Zayn vs. Owens #25 happened on Raw. While I’m glad Sami got a main event match, they have to find something new to throw out there. At any rate, hopefully this puts Sami in the title hunt, even with the loss.

Roman Reigns could be in the mix for the Universal Title at Clash of Champions. I don’t hate this, but I do wonder if the bigger plan her could be Roman Reigns aligning with Triple H and Owens. It’s crazy enough to make sense.

The Old Day segment on Raw was kind of awkward. Props to Xavier Woods on calling out everything that seems awkward. He’s definitely one of my favourite personalities in WWE.

Good on WWE to promote Connor’s Cure. Say what you want about it being a PR thing, Connor touched a lot of people within WWE and this is their way of giving back.

This was a decent Raw, but storylines aren’t moving along very much from week to week. We still don’t know very much about anything right now which isn’t necessarily bad. The problem is, I could have missed Raw and virtually not missed anything storyline-wise. That’s an issue.


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